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2018-2019 Chapter Officers

Mike Lopata

Vice President

Lisa Robinson

Diane Futch

New Members

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DeKalb Chapter Contact:
Mike Lopata

Local Events

K2's Business Intelligence, Featuring Microsoft's Power BI Tools - 9/24/2019 - Atlanta
A growing array of tools – ranging from Excel add-ins to dedicated solutions such as Power BI – now allow you to leverage your existing knowledge and skills to create powerful, interactive dashboards and analyses unthinkable until recently. Learn...
Preparing Not-for-Profit Financial Statements Under ASU No. 2016-14 (YB) - 9/24/2019 - Atlanta
To properly implement the new financial reporting model professionals must have a strong, working knowledge of the new requirements. Discuss the new requirements and explore how they manifest themselves in the financial statements, and clarifies...
The Essential Course for Performing Single Audits Under the Uniform Guidance for Federal Awards (YB) - 9/25/2019 - Atlanta
Applying one set of auditing standards is tough. Applying three sets of auditing standards is really tough. However, this is precisely what the auditor does in applying GAAS, the Yellow Book, and the OMB requirements to a single audit. Equip...

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