Legislative Session

The legislative session in Georgia is constitutionally required to begin on the second Monday of January each year. The legislature in Georgia is a part-time legislature that serves the state for a 40-day period. Each year, the legislative session typically wraps up by the end of March, but has operated well into April and even May in the not too distant past. The legislature’s biggest hurdle is to pass a balanced budget each year as that is also constitutionally required.

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Status Update

The 2020 legislative session convened on January 13 and was suspended due to COVID-19 during March 14 through June 15. The legislature adjourned on June 26, 2020.

Legislative Bills of the 2021 Session

    HB 265 – IRC Update (Conformity) Bill

    Sponsored by Representative David Knight, House Bill 265 does conform Georgia Tax Statute to any changes made at the Federal level through January 1, 2021 and does include language that conforms to the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021.

    SB 6 - Tax Credit Return on Investment Act of 2021

    Sponsored by Senator John Albers and gives the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee and the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee the ability to call for up to 5 economic analysis done on either proposed or existing legislation. Passed unanimously out of the Senate.

    HB 149 – SALT Parity Act of 2021

    Sponsored by Representative Bruce Williamson and amends the Georgia tax code to provide S corporations and partnerships an election to pay their Georgia state business income taxes at the entity level, thereby restoring the full federal tax deduction for Georgia business income taxes as described in IRS Notice 2020-75.

    HB 114 – Tax Credit for Adoption of Foster Children

    Sponsored by Representative Bert Reeves and increases the tax credit to $6,000 per qualified foster child per taxable year commencing with the year in which the adoption becomes final for five taxable years and $2,000.00 per taxable year thereafter; provided, however, that such credit shall end and ending in the year in which the adopted child attains the age of 18.

    HB 123 – Federal Uniformed Service Retirement Benefits

    Relating to income taxes, so as to provide that retirement income received as retirement benefits derived from employment in certain federal uniformed services shall not be subject to state income tax.

Other Legislation Of Note

    SB 210 – Cutting down on Street Racing

    Sponsored by Senator Emmanuel Jones, would attempt to cut down on street-racing which has become rampant in Atlanta and beyond.

    HB 86 – Gambling Legislation

    Would legalize sports betting in Georgia and has been introduced by Representative Ron Stephens. A similar measure by Senator Jeff Mullis is expected to be introduced in the Senate. Representative Stephens has also introduced HR 30 which sees to legalize casino gambling in Georgia.

    HB 112 – COVID Liability

    Would extend the immunity for COVID liability for businesses for an additional year. It is sponsored by Representative Trey Kelley.

    HB 150 – Fuel Limitations

    Would prohibit government entities to adopt any policy to place limitations on what type of fuel a citizen can use. It was introduced by Representative Bruce Williamson.

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