Legislative Session

The legislative session in Georgia is constitutionally required to begin on the second Monday of January each year. The legislature in Georgia is a part-time legislature that serves the state for a 40-day period. Each year, the legislative session typically wraps up by the end of March, but has operated well into April and even May in the not too distant past. The legislature’s biggest hurdle is to pass a balanced budget each year as that is also constitutionally required.

As your advocate in Georgia, GSCPA will continue to vigorously fight for your interests before legislative and regulatory bodies to ensure your voice is heard. 

Status Update

The 2017 legislative session kicked off on January 9 as constitutionally mandated to begin on the second Monday of the year.  The legislative calendar (Adjournment Resolution – SR 132) has already been set, which includes what days the legislature will be in session (including crossover day and sine die).

Major dates to watch for bill passage:
  • Friday, March 3 – convene for legislative day 28 – Crossover Day
  • Thursday, March 30 – convene for legislative day 40 – Sine Die

Current Legislative Bills

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