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Conformity Bill (HB 292) Signed by Governor Deal!

The Conformity Bill in Georgia could have a large impact on taxpayers in Georgia whether they realize it or not. This bill is the piece of legislation that conforms Georgia Statute to tax changes that have taken place at the federal level. It... read more

DOR Extends Relief to Farmers and Fishermen

The Georgia Department of Revenue is providing estimated tax penalty relief to farmers and fisherman. Georgia law allows farmers and fishermen to not pay estimated tax payments during the year if they meet certain requirements, including filing... read more

Managing Passwords

According to a 2013 Verizon Data Breach Investigations report that analyzed more than 47,000 security incidents, 76 percent of reported breaches are from weak credentials. Weak passwords account for 48 percent of the breaches. It is clear from... read more

Fraudulent Income Tax Filings Discovered by Georgia DOR

The Georgia Department of Revenue has discovered a number of attempts to file fraudulent income tax returns for the 2014 filing season. DOR has reason to believe the fraudulent filings originated from data compromised through third-party security... read more

CPA Firms Show Modest Growth, MAP Survey Finds

Mirroring the broader economy, results of the biennial National Management of an Accounting Practice (MAP) Survey show that in 2013 CPA firms experienced modest growth over the prior year. The survey, which is conducted by the AICPA’s... read more

Mobile Trends for 2015 to Enhance Your Business

Each year technology evolves, changing the way we use our smartphones and tablets. See what trends are on the horizon for 2015 and how to incorporate into your business. Read the full story. read more

New Survey Shows CFOs More Optimistic for 2015

A recent survey by Deloitte indicates that as CFOs look ahead into 2015, they are feeling more optimistic regarding the economy and the performance of their companies. Read the full story. read more

IRS Hotline Quick Reference Guide for 2015

As tax season approaches, make sure you have accurate resources, including these updated phone numbers for the various IRS hotlines you may need to assist your clients. Read the full story. read more

Business Entertainment Deductions Follow Set Rules

Many of your clients may have business entertainment expenses for deduction on their taxes. However, make sure the expenses following the rules spelled out in the tax law. read more

The Power of Language: Five Wicked Words that Are Sabotaging Your Success

Would you believe that the words you use actually determine whether you succeed or not? Language shapes how you experience the world. Take a few minutes and just listen to the conversations around you. Count how often you hear the following... read more

Employee Benefit Plan Conference

April 30, 2015  |  GSCPA Learning Center, Atlanta Employee benefit plans are becoming more complicated, presenting bigger challenges to the CPAs who audit them. Receive the guidance you need to navigate the reports to successfully assist your... read more

Decision Makers Conference

April 23-24, 2015  |  Cobb Galleria Centre As a CPA in a leadership and management position, you are tasked each day with making critical decisions that will affect your company. The ever-changing landscape of the CPA profession adds challenges... read more

Georgia CPAs Teach Financial Literacy to Students Throughout the State

Members of The Georgia Society of CPAs (GSCPA) understand the value and importance of financial literacy education and recently coordinated the second annual statewide GSCPA Financial Literacy Day for eighth-grade students. The program, titled... read more

CPA Day at the Gold Dome Kicks off 2015

More than 100 CPA members of The Georgia Society of CPAs (GSCPA) from across the state met recently at the Georgia State Capitol in honor of the 2015 CPA Day at the Gold Dome. Hosted by The Georgia Society of CPAs, CPA Day places attendees in a... read more

Serve on the Peer Review Committee or as a Tech Reviewer for GSCPA

Peer Review Committee Members > Serve as a partner or in a supervisory role in a public accounting firm enrolled in the Peer Review Program > Be willing to dedicate 3-4 hours prior to each committee meeting to review documents at least 4-6... read more

Georgia State Board of Accountancy FAQs

GSBA Contact Information How do I contact the Georgia State Board of Accountancy (GSBA) office? ***PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR CPA OR FIRM LICENSE NUMBER ON ALL CORRESPONDENCE AND/OR MESSAGES TO THE BOARD*** Georgia State Board of Accountancy 200... read more