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Cromwell Baun

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Bob Dow

Darin Lane

McCullough Hodgson

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Cromwell Baun

Local Events

Analytic and Big Data for Accountants** - 12/18/2017 - Atlanta
Analytics is the new force driving business. Tools have been created to measure program impacts and ROI, visualize data and business processes, and uncover the relationship between key performance indicators, many utilizing the unprecedented...
Winning the Fraud Battle in the Digital Age: Prevention and Detection - 12/19/2017 - Atlanta
Our focus is to reduce the overall risk of fraud. To that end, this course focuses on what factors contribute to turning honest employees into fraudsters. Discussion will include integrity and ethics, as well as how people may react in certain...
Fundamentals for Performing a Single Audit Under the Uniform Guidance (YB)** - 12/20/2017 - Atlanta
Are you new to performing single audits? Or perhaps you need a refresher on the key concepts of performing a compliance audit of federal awards? This core training course will elevate your proficiency and efficiency to perform a single audit...

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