Southwest Georgia Chapter

Southwest Georgia Chapter Counties

  • Clay
  • Colquitt
  • Decatur
  • Early
  • Grady
  • Miller
  • Mitchell
  • Seminole
  • Thomas

2019-2020 Chapter Officers

Tom Hoyt

Vice President:
Roy Long

Ashley Gardner


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New Members

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Southwest Georgia Chapter Contact:
Tom Hoyt

Local Events

Live Stream: Anticipate the Future with Karl Ahlrichs (New) - 10/28/2021 - Live Stream
Gain fresh insight into guiding your staff through the "people side" of modern workplace issues. Receive a reality-based set of tactics to help you and your team thrive in the future.
Live Stream: Professional Skepticism: Case Studies in Identifying Material Fraud and Error - 10/29/2021 - Live Stream
Review real-life illustrations of the critical role that professional skepticism plays in uncovering fraud, error and illegal acts.
Live Stream: The Complete Trust Workshop (CFP) - 11/1/2021 - Live Stream
The use of trusts will continue to change in the current year. Clients need to be informed why planning is essential in these changing times. Explore the many practical issues of trusts, a vital element for estate planning. Receive insights and...

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