What is a CPA?

Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) advise individuals, businesses, financial institutions, nonprofit organizations and government agencies on a wide range of financial and related matters. In Georgia, CPAs are licensed by the Georgia State Board of Accountancy to practice public accounting. 

The Georgia Society of CPAs (GSCPA) is committed to ensuring that Georgia CPAs work in the public interest by providing the resources to enhance the skills of CPA tax professionals, and by regulating unacceptable professional conduct while advocating on behalf of the public and members in an effective and efficient system of taxation.

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The Value of a CPA

CPAs are distinguished from other accountants by stringent licensing requirements. They are committed to continuing professional education, and they are certified, licensed, and regulated by state boards of accountancy. To become a CPA, individuals are required to pass a rigorous professional exam after they complete their college education in order to be licensed by the states in which they practice. After they are licensed, mandatory continuing professional education requirements ensure that CPAs are current with regulatory and legal changes, as well as changing accounting standards and tax laws.

As members of GSCPA, CPAs are required to adhere to strict professional ethics standards, which stress independence, integrity, objectivity and technical competence. Additional ethics rules apply to CPAs who are tax practitioners.

How to Choose a CPA

CPAs can help consumers by providing tax service, financial advisory services and business planning services. With all the choices out there, how do you choose the CPA that is right for you? As with any relationship, you must find someone that you work well with. You will need to begin by narrowing down your choices to firms that can assist you with what service you need. Services vary from firm to firm. Once you find several firms, call them to briefly discuss your needs and find out how they can help you.

After the initial phone conversation, prepare for your face-to-face meeting by:

  • Setting up clear goals and objectives for your relationship
  • Gathering information regarding all financial information that you may have questions about
  • Be sure to inform the CPA of any recent personal or professional changes in your life

GSCPA's CPA Referral Service

What is the CPA Referral Service?

The CPA Referral Service is an online database that allows individuals and businesses to search for firms by geographic location, industry and client services.

How Does the CPA Referral Service Work?

When a business or individual needs to find a CPA firm, they access the CPA Referral Service through the Find a CPA button on GSCPA’s website. The database allows an individual or business to search for a CPA firm using locations, industries and client services as criteria. Once the criteria are entered, the database quickly produces matching firms.

Having your firm listed in the CPA Referral Service is a FREE GSCPA member benefit.

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