Membership in The Georgia Society of CPAs provides exclusive benefits and resources to help you meet the challenges caused by the ever shifting landscape CPAs now face.

No matter what area of the CPA profession you choose, GSCPA is prepared to advance your career and your profession.

GSCPA is focused on providing you with the tools, resources and savings to take your career as a CPA to the next level. Gain the rewards of these and many more important benefits:

Superior Continuing Education

Membership really pays off - once you register for two or more courses, you’ve saved enough to pay for your membership!

The continuing education offerings presented by The Georgia Society of CPAs are consistently ranked as a top benefit by GSCPA members. Over 500 programs are offered each year covering a variety of current and emerging topics. Members can access My CPE Transcript to view successfully completed events.

Protecting and Promoting Your Credential and Your Profession

The Georgia Society prides itself on protecting and promoting the integrity and prestige earned by those who hold the CPA credential. GSCPA serves as the guardian of the CPA credential through its leadership in self-regulation, peer review, and support of professional standards programs.


GSCPA serves as your voice before the legislative and regulatory bodies that can affect your business, your profession and Georgia’s economy. Become a GSCPA Key Person or donate to The GSCPA-PAC.

Official News Source

Stay up-to-date. Current Accounts, The Voice, Legislative Updates, GSCPA Interest Communities and more. Members can also customize which emails and publications they receive in the communication preferences in My Personal Profile.

Home of Georgia’s CPA Profession

GSCPA members gain the opportunity to connect with a diverse group of peers, share best practices and gain valuable insight. Keep in touch with fellow members through the Membership Directory.  

Ensuring the Future of the Profession

The Educational Foundation of The Georgia Society of CPAs encourages the best and the brightest individuals to become CPAs by working with students and educators throughout the state. 

Career Growth

Access the Career Center to assist you with climbing the career ladder.

Join a Chapter

Regional chapters provide an excellent opportunity for you to get involved at a local level. Meet other members, ask questions and gain knowledge from members in your area. Join a chapter today!


From taking a survey, writing an article, serving on a task force or speaking at an event, GSCPA offer numerous volunteer opportunities that allow you to give back to your profession. Joining a committee or task force is a rewarding way to lead your profession and build your resume. 

Group Insurance

Group insurance needs are provided by Sterling Seacrest Pritchard, which serves as the Society's administrator for all your insurance requirements. The Georgia Society of CPAs' Group Insurance Account offers group life insurance, group comprehensive major medical and group dental. For more information, contact Patrick Bell at 404-949-1098.

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