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Legislative Update – March 2019

Georgia The 2019 legislative session began on January 14, 2019, the second Monday in January. Crossover day was on Thursday, March 7 (28th legislative day) which is the deadline for all bills to... read more

DOR to Begin Accepting Timber Tax Credit Applications March 1, 2019

In November of 2018, the Georgia General Assembly enacted House Bill 4EX. This bill allows eligible taxpayers to apply for a Timber Tax Credit to assist in offsetting the substantial economic... read more

IRS: Relief from Addition to Tax for Underpayment of Estimated Income Tax by Individual Farmers and Fishermen

Notice 2019-17 announces a waiver of the addition to tax under section 6654 for underpayment of estimated income tax by qualifying farmers and fishermen for the 2018 tax year. This addition to tax... read more

Legislative Update

Two bills have been filed in the house this week with significance for CPAs.   House Representative (CPA and GSCPA member) John Carson filed House Bill 432 this week. In summary – this bill... read more

Adopted Rule 560-7-8-.65 "Timber Tax Credit."

The Georgia Secretary of State received and filed the referenced Rule on February 15, 2019, to become effective on March 7, 2019. An exact copy of the adopted Rule may be found on the Department's... read more

Avoid HIPAA Noncompliance Penalties by Consulting ERISA Counsel

Noncompliance with government regulations can occur simply by lack of understanding the finer points of those regulations. For example, it’s simply impossible for a quick read of ERISA to... read more

Medicare Part D Disclosure Notices May Be Required for an HRA. What About Health FSAs?

Medicare Part D helps millions of Americans pay for self-administered prescription drugs. Some people who are eligible for Medicare Part D work for companies that offer at least one health... read more

2019 Hardship Distribution Rules Are Changing

Occasionally an employee may experience a serious financial need. With no other help available, raiding a retirement plan may be the only option. Prior to 2019, employees and employers alike may... read more

2019 Spring Government Workshop: A&A

Monday, May 13, 2019 / Macon, GA Spend the day working through this in-depth workshop discussing Latest Developments in Governmental Accounting and Auditing with Michael... read more

2019 Not-for-Profit Conference

Thursday, May 16, 2019 / Atlanta, GA Mastering the latest regulatory and governmental changes is vital for not-for-profit organizations. At the 2019 Not-for-Profit... read more

2019 Real Estate Conference

Thursday, June 20, 2019 / Atlanta, GA How has tax reform affected real estate over the past year? The 2019 Real Estate Conference will discuss changes to the market, new... read more

Free PCPS Resource for March

Cybersecurity and the associated risks to business and reputation are top of mind for CPAs and CPA firms across the United States. Firms put procedures in place to... read more

How GSCPA Membership Can Help You This Reporting Year

With the new year underway, it’s a great time for CPAs to prepare for 2019. Because it’s a year ending in an odd number, The Georgia State Board of... read more

Free PCPS Resource for February

Recognition makes people feel really good about themselves and motivates employees to keep up the good work.  Recognize the unique value each of your employees brings... read more