2024 Technology Conference

Technology's impact on businesses is profound and multifaceted in today's digital age. As it continues to drive progress and reshape the business landscape, explore new technologies impacting... read more

2024 Artificial Intelligence Workshop

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here; now is the time to take advantage of this compelling new technology. Learn how to immediately benefit from AI, get started with AI, and harness the power of... read more

2024 Real Estate Conference

Local and global economic changes continue to shape the real estate industry. Learn what affects this business sector and explore the financial, tax and legal developments impacting property... read more

2024 Estate Planning Conference

Join us at The Ritz-Carlton Reynolds, Lake Oconee for the 2024 Estate Planning Conference. Spend three days learning and networking with your peers in a serene, sunny setting. Examine... read more

2024 Spring Government Workshop

The Spring Government Workshop is ideal for practitioners with governmental clients and those working for governmental entities. read more

2024 Not-for-Profit Conference

Mastering the latest regulatory and governmental changes is essential for not-for-profit organizations. Receive updates from experts in the field to learn how your organization can operate... read more

2024 Employee Benefit Plan Conference

The world of employee benefit plans is continually evolving. Sharpen your technical proficiencies, develop your leadership skills and learn about the latest updates, opportunities and issues... read more