Southwest Georgia Chapter

Southwest Georgia Chapter Counties

  • Clay
  • Colquitt
  • Decatur
  • Early
  • Grady
  • Miller
  • Mitchell
  • Seminole
  • Thomas

2019-2020 Chapter Officers

Tom Hoyt

Vice President:
Roy Long

Ashley Gardner


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New Members

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Southwest Georgia Chapter Contact:
Tom Hoyt

Local Events

Live Stream: Melisa Galasso's Annual Update for Accountants and Auditors - 12/6/2021 - Live Stream
Examine the Accounting Standards Updates (ASUs) effective this year and those that will be effective soon. Take a high-level look into preparing for the leases and the new CECL model that was part of the financial instruments suite of standards....
Live Stream: Multistate Tax Update - 12/6/2021 - Live Stream
With the most extensive overhaul of the federal income tax code in 30 years and the repeal of the physical presence nexus standards for sales tax in the Wayfair case, states are working fast and furious to overhaul their tax laws. Discuss...
Live Stream: Don Farmer's 2021 Federal Tax Update (CFP) - 12/7/2021 - Live Stream
2021 is shaping up as another year for massive tax changes. First we had the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 (CAA), next the President signed the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARP), and Congress is currently working on a massive...

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