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2022-2023 Chapter Officers

Caleb Lamb

Vice President
Nikki Winston


Michael Smith


The Atlanta Chapter holds lunch meetings on the third Tuesday of the month at 12 p.m. 

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New Members

Are you a new student, fellow or associate member of the Atlanta Chapter? If so, please call our chapter contact so we can welcome you!

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Caleb Lamb

Local Events

CFO Series: Planning for the Long Term (NEW) - 6/20/2023 - Atlanta
Strategy and Implementation, Foundations for Success Does your business have an effective strategy? If you do - how well has it been implemented? Focus on developing an effective strategy and, more importantly, on effectively implementing it so...
CFO Series: Big Picture Mega-Trends and Risks (NEW) - 7/20/2023 - Atlanta
Big Picture Mega-Trends, Big Data, and World We Now Face It is easy for us to get caught up in our work. Still, examining the ‘big picture’ is better by studying the outside factors that impact our business beyond our internal processes and...
CFO Series: How Good Companies Become Great: Secrets to Success (CFO Breakfast)(NEW) - 7/21/2023 - Atlanta
Gather with like-minded colleagues at a special seminar and discussion over breakfast that encourages networking and idea-sharing. Some companies are “born” great; others change and become great. Discuss how both new and established...

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