2022 Scholarship Recipients

Students were selected based on their commitment to pursuing a career in accounting, academic performance and leadership skills.

Bates, Carter & Company, LLP Scholarship

$2,000 Madison Perissi, University of North Georgia

Ben Brannon Accounting Scholarship

$3,000 Sarah Fandry, Kennesaw State University

Bennett Thrasher PC Scholarship

$2,400 Mia Neives, Georgia State University
$2,400 Gillian Barnes, Kennesaw State University
$2,400 Brock Arbeiter, University of Georgia
$2,400 Mary Smith, Georgia College & State University
$2,400 Conner Knuckles, Valdosta State University 

Collins/Moody + Company, PC Scholarship 

$1,600 Kaylee Boudreaux, University of North Georgia
$1,600 Heath Warren, Georgia Southwestern State University
$1,600 John McClung, Middle Georgia State University

Gifford, Hillegasse & Ingwersen, LLP Scholarship 

$1,600 Caylee Whiteford, University of Georgia
$1,600 Annabel Luong, Georgia Institue of Technology
$1,600 Jordan Newman, Georgia Southern University

Aprio Scholarship

$1,600 Rhiannon Belcher, Kennesaw State University
$1,600 Meghan Harp, University of Georgia
$1,600 Jacob Dease, Georgia Southern University

Julius M. Johnson Scholarship 

$5,000 Devan Sprayberry, Kennesaw State University

Donald W. Rhodes Scholarship

$1,600 Tasharie Ormsby, Georgia State University 

Rhodes, Young, Black & Duncan Scholarship

$1,600 Sharon Higgins, Georgia State University 
$1,600 Regine Mae Bernado, Georgia State University 

Robert Lange Accounting Scholarship

$3,000 Aiden Sutherland, Georgia State University 

Robinson Grimes & Company Keith Grimes Scholarship

$1,600 Jack Sutton, University of Georgia

Robinson Grimes & Company Ross E. Robinson Scholarship

$1,600 Caitlin Fullerton, University of Georgia

Robinson Grimes & Company

$1,600 Joshua Spiller, University of Georgia

Windham Brannon Excellence in Accounting Scholarship

$1,600 Alex Carroll, University of Georgia
$1,600 Scott Alexander, University of Georgia
$1,600 Kate Aycock, University of Georgia
$1,500 Suyeon Oh, University of Georgia

Windham Brannon's Ben Brannon Scholarship

$2,400 Kyle Lutian, Berry College

Windham Brannon's Bill Bomar Scholarship

$2,400 Erin Whatley, University of North Georgia

Windham Brannon's Fred Windham Scholarship

$2,400 Celina Couch, Kennesaw State University

Windham Brannon's Jim Duval Scholarship

$2,400 Emma Claire Wells, Berry College

Windham Brannon's Stuart Cashin Scholarship

$2,400 Gracie Freeman, Georgia College & State University

Howard Herman Service Award Scholarship

$2,000 Eliza Todorora, University of Georgia

Bill and Ellen Sweatt Excellence in Accounting Scholarship

$1,000 Crystan Yang, Georgia State University

Blackwell Poole, LLP Accounting Scholarship

$2,500 Matthew Swett, Georgia State University 

McNair, McLemore, & Middlebrooks & Co.

$2,100 Kimberly Van Genderen, Mercer University

The Educational Foundation of The Georgia Society of CPAs Accounting Scholarship

$1,200 Jazmin Albarran, Kennesaw State University
$1,200 Raul Alcantara, Kennesaw State University
$1,200 Jasmine Alexander, Georgia Southern University
$1,200 Axel Yadiel Alicea Cruz, Georgia Southern University
$1,200 Valeria Angel, University of North Georgia
$1,200 Kinza Ayaz, University of  Georgia
$1,200 Aaron Bensley, Berry College
$1,200 Austin Caddick, Georgia Southern University
$1,200 Sara Eve Caruthers, University of Georgia
$1,200 Matthew Chester, Georgia College & State University
$1,200 Trang Elliott, Georgia State University
$1,200 Gabrielle Graham, Georgia Southern University
$1,200 Haeli Hicks, Georgia State University
$1,200 Jayla Hill, Kennesaw State University
$1,200 Thao Ho, Georgia State University
$1,200 Jacob Hopkins, University of North Georgia
$1,200 Allyson Ireland, University of Georgia
$1,200 Samuel Johnson, Georgia State University
$1,200 Charles Jones, University of North Carolina
$1,200 Thi Hong Oanh Le, Georgia State University
$1,200 Sabrina Leung, Kennesaw State University
$1,200 Michelle Lopez, Kennesaw State University
$1,200 Jackson Medford, Mississippi State University
$1,200 Madelyn Nails, University of North Georgia
$1,200 Carlos Parodi, Georgia Southern University
$1,200 Juan Prado-Graziosi, University of North Georgia
$1,200 Jack Snyder, Georgia Southern University
$1,200 Jack Waller, Georgia Southern University
$1,200 Sharon Zinger, Kennesaw State University

Scholarships ranging from $1,000-$5,000, for a total of $109,700, were awarded to over 60 accounting students from 14 different universities and colleges. The Foundation awarded an additional $16,000 in scholarships through the Chapter Matching Funds Program, and GSCPA chapters granted Georgia universities and colleges $3,000 in institutional support for a grand total of $128,700. 

If you have any questions about scholarships, please contact  Callie Hammond, manager, pipeline initiatives, at 800-330-8889, ext. 2953.