2020 Scholarship Recipients


Bates, Carter & Company, LLP Scholarship

Maggie Dekreon University of North Georgia
$ 1,000

Ben Brannon Accounting Scholarship

Tiana King Valdosta State University
$ 1,200

Bennett Thrasher PC Scholarship

Tarik Sabanic Georgia State University
$ 1,000
Rebekah Ridley Kennesaw State University $ 1,000
Cara Heaney University of Georgia
$ 1,000
Zachary Woods Mercer 
$ 1,000
Tatyana Ballowe University of North Georgia $ 1,000

Collins/Moody + Company, PC Scholarship

Brandon Berrios University of Georgia $ 1,300
Katherine Kane University of Alabama $ 1,300

The Educational Foundation Accounting Scholarship

Jin Wang University of Georgia $3,000
Andrew Meier Valdosta State University $3,000
Taylor Robins Georgia Southern University $3,000
Jean Pierre Washington Georgia Southern University $2,000
Briana Brantley Georgia Southern University $2,000
Braylen Dixon Georgia Southern University $2,000
Sarah Brittan University of Georgia $1,500
Ryley Beaumont University of Georgia $1,500
Emily Nadel University of Georgia $1,000
Christina Page University of North Georgia $1,000
Kailey Fussell Valdosta State University $1,000
Ashley Jackson Georgia College & State University $1,000
Lewis Davis Georgia Southern University $1,000
Haylee Walker Georgia Southern University $1,000
Taylor Adams University of Georgia $1,000
Robert Uniack University of Georgia $1,000
Brendan Shrum University of Georgia $1,000
Philip Husney University of Georgia $1,000
Perryman Rogers University of Georgia $1,000
Kenneth Glover Georgia Southern University $1,000
Rhett Gay Georgia Southern University  $1,000
Camerone Jannuzzo Georgia Southern University $1,000
Eman Afani Kennesaw State University $1,000
Lakshani Dammalage Kennesaw State University $1,000
Daniel Matteson Kennesaw State University $1,000
Angie Jackson Kennesaw State University $1,000
Caitlin Shivers Kennesaw State University $1,000
Patrick Tjandra Kennesaw State University $1,000
Matthew Bowling University of Georgia $1,000
Aidan Woida Kennesaw State University $1,000
Julie Higbee University of North Georgia $1,000
Caleb Pruitt University of Georgia $1,000

Gifford, Hillegass & Ingwersen, LLP Scholarship

Amanda Davis University of Georgia  $ 1,100
Christopher Mooney Georgia Southern University  $ 1,100

Aprio Scholarship

Jacob Lifesy Georgia Southern University $ 1,000
Caleb Cone Kennesaw State University $ 1,000
Robert Alexander University of Georgia $ 1,000

Julius M. Johnson Scholarship

Susan Harkins University of North Georgia $ 5,000

Donald W. Rhodes Scholarship

Edwin Efezokhae Georgia State University $ 1,300

Rhodes, Young, Black & Duncan Scholarship

Jacob McWhorter Reinhardt University $ 1,300

Robert Lange Accounting Scholarship

Noble Turner Georgia Southern University $ 1,400

Robinson Grimes & Company Keith Grimes Scholarship

Madeline Albritton Auburn  $ 1,200

Robinson Grimes & Company Ross E. Robinson Scholarship

Chris Stanziale University of Georgia $ 1,200

Windham Brannon Excellence in Accounting Scholarships

Tulsi Patel University of Georgia $ 1,150
Stephen Kruto University of Georgia $ 1,150

Windham Brannon's Ben Brannon Scholarship

Chloe Muklevicz University of North Georgia $ 1,000

Windham Brannon's Bill Bomar Scholarship

Juan Prado University of North Georgia $ 1,000

Windham Brannon's Fred Windham Scholarship

Trinity Williams Kennesaw State University $ 1,000

Windham Brannon's Jim Duval Scholarship

Michelle Pereira Kennesaw State Universityy $ 1,000

Windham Brannon's Stuart Cashin Scholarship

Emilee French Georgia College & State University $ 1,000

Howard Herman Service Award Scholarship

Knox Watson University of Georgia $ 1,000

Blackwell Poole, LLP Accounting Scholarship

Elle Ross Georgia State University $ 2,500

McNair, McLemore, & Middlebrooks & Co. Scholarship

Bailey Windham Georgia College & State University $ 2,050

Scholarships ranging from $1,000-$5,000, for a total of $81,250, were awarded to over 60 accounting students from 11 different Georgia universities and colleges. The Foundation awarded an additional $17,500 in scholarships through the Chapter Matching Funds Program, and GSCPA chapters granted Georgia universities and colleges with $2,000 in institutional support for a grand total of $100,750.

If you have any questions about scholarships, please contact
 Callie Hammond, manager, pipeline initiatives, at 800-330-8889, ext. 2953.