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Four Questions Before Reopening Your Office

Source: accountingtoday 12/10/20

Can Companies Mandate Employee Return to the Workplace During COVID-19

Source: hrbartender 12/08/20

Bookmark This! 9 COVID Resources You Might Want to Keep Handy

Source: hrbartender 12/03/20

 Georgia Legislature Passes Bill to Protect Businesses and Health Care Providers From COVID-19 Lawsuits

Source: 12/01/20 

Returning to the Office: A Guide for Accountants

Source: 11/29/20

Establishing Workplace Safety Guidelines During COVID

Source: hrbartender 11/22/20  

Four Ways to Help Employees Feel Safe When Returning to Work

Source: fastcompany 09/13/20 

Headed Back To The Office? These Are Your Rights As An Employee

Source: fastcompany 9/29/20

Tax Pros Advise Biz Clients On Going Virtual

Source: accountingtoday 9/28/20

Hackers are Seeking Easy Targets: Protect Your Business from Phishing and COVID-19 Threats

Source: georgiasocietyofcpas 9/28/20

How Has COCID Impacted Your Relationship With Your Clients? 

Source: accountingweb 9/25/20

The COVID-19 Office: What Does It Look Like?

Source: georgiasocietyofcpas 9/14/20 

Travel During COVID-19 Employer and Employee Obligations

Source: hrbartender 9/8/20 

Employee Expectatins are Higher Than Ever In The Post-Pandemic Workplace

Source: accountingtoday 9/4/2020 

App Helps CPA Firms and Business Reopen to Healthy and Safe Offices Amid Covid

Source: cpapracticeadvisor 9/9/2020 

Is There a Right Way to Reopen Your Office?

Source: cpapracticeadvisor 8/27/20 

How States are Reshaping Nexus Laws for Remote Employees Due to COVID-19

Source: accountingweb 8/7/20

Four New Ways Firms Should Think About Remote Work After COVID-19

Source: accountingweb 6/21/20 

Increasing the Level of Productivity and Engagement For Your Team

Source: workology 6/20/20 

How You Can Keep Your Firm's Culture Intact Despite Working Remotely

Source: accountingweb 6/15/20 

Apps We Love - Apps for the Pandemic - July 2020

Source: cpapractice 6/14/20 

Mitigating the Remote Work IT Risks for Small Firms Post Pandemic

Source: accountingweb 6/10/20 

A Compliant Return to Work Plans: 7 Tips

Source: hrbartender 6/23/20

Want To Reopen Your Company? Read This First

Source: forbes 5/30/20

Reopening Your Business: 3 Ways to Thrive in the Long Term

Source: inc 5/8/20