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8.0 Credits

With different tax rates for individuals and trusts, tax planning takes on more importance. The new legislation, including the SECURE Act and CARES Act, increases the importance of generating new financial planning ideas and saving for retirement. Explore practical tax-planning ideas that practitioners can use to assist clients with their needs. The material is continually updated for legislative developments.


  •     Understand life insurance for both income and estate planning
  •     Identify strategies that are effective following estate and gift tax reform
  •     Understand options available to baby boomers as they reach retirement in light of Social Security

Major Topics

  •     The SECURE Act IRA and RMD changes, with a specific look at planning strategies in light of the elimination of the "stretch IRA"
  •     Other SECURE Act changes, including expanded §529 plans and 401(k) retirement accounts for part-time workers
  •     CARES Act retirement plan updates
  •     CARES Act changes to §461(l), §163(j) and NOLs
  •     A historical overview of virtual currency as well as increased IRS scrutiny on the tax implications of such transactions
  •     The best new income tax and estate-planning ideas, including items from tax reform
  •     Highlights of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act including the §199A deduction
  •     The changing Social Security landscape: what it means for planning
  •     Creative charitable giving strategies
  •     Financial planning strategies
  •     Maximizing retirement plan benefits
  •     Using intentionally defective grantor trusts
  •     Miscellaneous tax-planning techniques that can add up to significant tax savings
  •     How to use the whole family for tax savings
  •     Life insurance
  •     Up-to-the-minute ideas reflecting new tax law changes in cases, regulations, and rulings


Basic course in individual income tax, Social Security, and estate planning


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Tuesday, November 2, 2021

General Sessions