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8.0 Credits

The CFO Series provides a convenient, one-stop way for senior level financial managers and executives, CFOs and those who aspire to be CFOs, to choose multiple days of CPE with a single decision.  Each day consists of an expert, leading discussions about four different topics.  The CFO Series features high-quality presentations and an interactive, executive level colleague-to-colleague approach with case studies, group discussions, and team exercises.  

Each topic and each day stand on their own.  If you are not sure about making a multi-day commitment, sign up for just a single day.  We think you will come back for more!


  • Understand how to create projected Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statements.
  • Review advanced methods for assigning overhead.
  • Learn how to fix a badly organized chart of accounts.
  • Learn how to create better PowerPoint presentations.


Major Topics

The 4 Topics Discussed

Advanced Planning: Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Projections
2 Accounting credits
Unless you expect your organization to be stable in the short, medium, and long term, you need to understand how to create long-term balance sheet and cash flow projections. Growing organizations must know whether they will have the resources to execute their business plan’s goals, objectives, and strategies. Struggling organizations need to know if they will have the cash to survive. This session will increase your organization's ability to see its future and increase the confidence that your CEO, Board, and bank have in you.

Advanced Cost Accounting: Assigning Overhead
2 Accounting credits
Organizations that use primitive costing methods make predictable mistakes, allocating too much cost to easy, high-volume "gravy" products and too little cost to difficult, low volume "dog" products.  This puts the organization with inferior information at a significant disadvantage against a competitor who has a better cost model.  The secret to having a great cost model is learning how to deal with overhead. 
This session will show you how to assign 16 key categories of overhead.  Whether you work in a wholesale, retail, health care, service, or manufacturing business.  Get your costing right and you will be able to give the "dogs" to your competitors and keep the "gravy" for yourself.

Fixing Your Chart of Accounts
2 Accounting credits
A well-organized chart of accounts supports robust responsibility reporting and accountability, and makes it easy to answer, "what if?" questions and helps eliminate data entry errors.  However, many organizations cling to the primitive practices of a half-century ago that impose barriers to developing budgets, holding people accountable, gathering useful data, and keeping errors from creeping into financial statements.
Best practices today look little like the examples you may have seen in business school.  If you sense that your general ledger could do far more, this session will show you how to fix your problems.

Avoiding Death by PowerPoint: Create Better Presentations
2 Computer Software & Applications credits
We have all suffered through some awful PowerPoint presentations.  When a speaker has hundreds of slides with hundreds of words on each slide, we wish we could just lie down and take a nap.  This session will help prevent YOU from being that speaker. 
We will show you the characteristics of good and bad presentations, walking you through a process to create a presentation that keeps your audience awake rather than retreating for another cup of strong, black coffee.



Advanced Preparation

Participants should have at least six months of industry or public experience and a thorough knowledge of financial accounting principles and practices. Management experience is helpful.


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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

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