2.0 Credits

Get important tax updates from popular instructor and tax guru Art Auerbach, CPA, in the monthly tax webinar series.

Major Topics

  • President's executive order and social security deferral.
  • Update and completion of the session on PPP loan forgiveness. New information from the IRS and new FAQ’s
  • from SBA issued since the last webcast.
  • Changes coming to reporting of payroll taxes. Form 941and Form W-2 preparation and documentation. Form 941
  • supporting the PPP loan forgiveness.
  • Draft 2020 tax forms, highlighting changes, particularly on Form 1040 and related schedules.
  • AICPA position on tax methods and tax periods. Do you need to file Form 3115 even if the change is considered an
  • automatic change. QIP property being an example.
  • Some state related nexus situations particularly for neighboring states and jurisdictions.
  • Charitable deductions, guidance issued when a charitable contribution is made with the expectation of getting a
  • benefit, particularly in regard to the SALT limit.
  • When is a second source of income considered a trade or business? Documentation for IRS.
  • Other documents as issued by IRS, SBA or DOL, particularly regarding the pandemic.
  • Should there be another stimulus bill, that will be included.
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