4.0 Credits

This course will review focus areas for peer review of Single Audits and Yellow Book engagements. We discuss the requirements for major program determination, testing compliance, testing internal controls over compliance, sampling, and reporting for Single Audits. We also address Yellow Book CPE and independence requirements. In addition to providing an overview of the common deficiencies and key trends identified by the AICPA, this course will also provide best practices for how entities can properly perform procedures in these areas.


  • Recognize CPE requirements for Yellow Book engagements
  • Perform a major program determination compliant with the Uniform Guidance
  • Properly identify internal controls over compliance
  • Identify compliance requirements in the Uniform Guidance
  • Recognize the control risk and internal controls over compliance
  • Identify the reporting requirements for Single Audits
  • Properly perform sampling under the Uniform Guidance
  • Recognize common audit deficiencies
  • Recognize the independence requirements for Yellow Book

Major Topics



Prior experience with GAAS and Uniform Guidance

Advanced Preparation



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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

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