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2.0 Credits

Get essential tax updates from the popular instructor and tax guru Art Auerbach, CPA, in the monthly tax webinar series.

Major Topics

1.  Major form changes from 1993.
2.  DOL proposed rules regarding Investment Advice and the Standard for Financial Planning. Possibly making a CPA a fiduciary.
3.  AI and Standard on Tax Services software.
4.  Nexus, where is it, regarding digital accounting service when benefit is received.
5.  More information on energy tax credits.
6.   Crypto and Form 1099-DA expanded use of question on more forms.
7.   Section 174 book versus tax.
8.  The Tax Pro Account, FS 2023-25.
9.  For IRA-22 define energy property.
10. E-signature reminders.
11. Status of proposed legislation.