16.0 Credits

Develop your soft skills in training courses that benefit the person attending and the organization. The final course of the five-course series applies to various accounting departments (i.e., audit, tax, consulting, and accounting services). Still, because these are universal leadership concepts, they are equally applicable to other professional business leaders. Review leadership skills and situations common for managers and senior managers of organizations. Participants will be encouraged to examine and challenge their beliefs and approaches to managing and leading people. Per NASBA’s rules, effective January 1, 2024, participants are required to be on camera and participate in the full and small group discussions to earn CPE credits for this course.As such, please make sure you are set up properly with reliable internet (hard wired is best), a working camera, and a working microphone.


Enable managers and senior managers to continue developing leadership skills and examine and challenge their beliefs and approaches to managing and leading people

Major Topics

What is Expected of the Manager & Senior Manager?

Part I only

  • Characteristics of a Successful Engagement – What messages do you get from your firm?  What do Managers need to do to balance their focus on all the characteristics?
  • The Manager & Senior Manager roles in the firm – How do they compare to the Senior/Supervisor’s role?  The importance of “ownership” for Managers.

Managing Self and Priorities

Part I

  • The big-picture view of prioritizing – revisiting the Covey Activity Matrix (from AHI’s Level IV course)
  • The ongoing daily approach to meeting priorities – the Allen “Getting Things Done” System

Part II

  • Productive, non-billable time needs in the firm – determining your most valuable niches for Involvement now and in the future
  • Managing your reputation and career prospects – identifying your career success routes, enlisting Mentors & Feedback Allies, and building your Development Plan

Building Leadership Communication Skills

Part I

  • Influence without Authority – using influence skills to build productivity with partners, clients & staff

Part II

  • Empowering Meeting Leadership & Facilitation Skills

Leading Others – Coaching and Developing Staff

Part I

  • On-the-Job Coaching & Development – using a coaching approach to build performance and engagement
  • Performance Feedback & the Art of Delivering it – feedback model and practice for using within on-the-job coaching
  • Delegating for Development versus for Results – distinguishing between delegation approaches covered in AHI Level IV program

Part II

  • Career Advising & Mentoring Others – skills for holding career conversations and mentoring others’ development in the firm
  • Team Building for Managers & Senior Managers – assessing current team functioning and identifying strategies for productively bringing engagement teams together

Helping Your Organization Grow

Part I

  • Revisiting Three Levels of Firm Growth (from AHI’s Level IV course) – the manager’s role
  • Expanding Services to Existing Clients – identifying the stages of business relationship development, tactics for building Trusted Advisor status with current clients, and ways to convert that status into new business opportunities

Part II

  • Adding New Clients through Referrals – assessing your current networking skills & comfort level; building effective new approaches
  • The Technical Professional’s Role in Closing Sales – finding high skill/high comfort ways to aid in direct business development activities within the firm.


5+ years

Advanced Preparation

A&A Level IV Management & Leadership Essentials
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This course will be facilitated as a small group (under 25), through Zoom, with participants across the country.

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