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24.0 Credits

Part one of a five-course series addresses common issues new staff members face. Focus on strategies to improve efficiency and quality control, build technical skills, and make valuable contributions to a company. Dive into the fundamentals: workpaper techniques, analytical procedures, compilation and review services, tax recognition and research techniques, understanding audit objectives, and auditing and reviewing selected accounts.

Per NASBA’s rules, effective January 1, 2024, participants are required to be on camera and participate in the full and small group discussions to earn CPE credits for this Group Live – Virtual course. As such, please make sure you are set up properly with reliable internet (hard-wired is best), a working camera, and a working microphone.


Improve inexperienced staff members' knowledge, skills and attitude to enable them to be more productive and profitable on audits, reviews and compilations.

Major Topics

Role of New Staff
Understanding Audit Objectives
Working Paper Techniques
Cash Analytical Procedures
Compilation and Review Services
Tax Recognition and Research Techniques
Auditing/Reviewing Selected Accounts


0 to 12 months


Advanced Preparation

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Very Important Information for Attendees:  
The Seminars will be delivered over the Zoom Webinar platform. Please download and install the Zoom client prior to the seminar. You can do so by navigating to Note that you can also download a version for your iOS powered devices from Apple's App Store and you can download a version for Android powered devices from Google Play. If desired, you can join a test meeting prior to the seminar to test your audio and get familiar with Zoom. To do so, visit If you have not used Zoom before, we recommend you do this.

During the seminar, your instructor will present polling questions/attendance checks to you. These are required to verify your active participation in the courses you choose to attend. You must answer these to earn your CPE credits. Note that your answers need not be correct; instead, we only need to record that you attempted to answer. Therefore, when your instructor presents polling questions/attendance checks, please be sure to answer. 

This course will be facilitated as a small group (under 25), through Zoom, with participants across the country.

NASBA Sponsor #: 103010