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3.0 Credits

Buying and selling a business can be a complex transaction with many tax issues. These issues include whether the transaction is or should be a stock or an asset sale when the business involved is a corporation, as well as the tax consequences associated with the sale of a partnership or a C or S corporation. Tax practitioners advising clients who are buying or selling a business primarily focus on the applicable tax issues. Review and analyze the tax issues practitioners must address to properly advise clients who are either buyers or sellers of businesses.


  • Advise clients regarding the tax aspects associated with buying and selling a business


Major Topics

  • Asset sales and stock sales and their attendant results to buyers and sellers
  • Section 1060 and using the residual method
  • Consequences of making a Section 754 election with adjustments under Sections 743(b) and 734(b)
  • Section 338 and Section 338(h)(10) elections
  • Allocating some of the purchase price of a business to personal goodwill
  • Partnership distributions to retiring partners under Section 736(a) and 736(b)
  • Consulting agreements and employment agreements as between buyers and sellers
  • Advantages of a C corporation having Section 1202 stock





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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

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