8.0 Credits

Develop your soft skills in training courses that benefit the person attending and their organization. Part four of the five-course series applies to various accounting departments (i.e., audit, tax, consulting, and accounting services). Still, because these are universal leadership concepts, they are equally applicable to other professional business leaders. AHI soft skills training will help improve efficiency, make managers and senior managers more effective with others, and increase the organization’s bottom line. Also, as these courses often include other industries besides accounting, there is an opportunity to work and network with leadership professionals from different industries. Per NASBA’s rules, effective January 1, 2024, participants are required to be on camera and participate in the full and small group discussions to earn CPE credits for this Group Live – Virtual course. As such, please make sure you are set up correctly with reliable internet (hard-wired is best), a working camera, and a working microphone.


Assist CPA firm managers and partners in their technology adoption decisions. Understand factors relevant to the decision to adopt new technology, as well as the skills that staff and managers need to develp for successful implementation of data analytics and AI in auditing and accounting.


Major Topics

Data Analytics and AI in Auditing and Accounting



Advanced Preparation

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This course will be facilitated as a small group (under 25), through Zoom, with participants across the country.

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