8.0 Credits

Experienced Excel users seeking to elevate their skills will benefit from over twenty-five years of experience delivering Excel training to accountants and other business professionals. As a result, this session's content will be both timely and relevant. 

By participating in this session, you'll learn critical advanced Excel skills in six key areas:

  • How to collaborate with others and secure your workbooks 
  • Using tables to analyze and report data 
  • Working with data from external sources 
  • The best ways to create and audit complex formulas 
  • Advanced data analysis tools 
  • Visualization techniques to analyze and communicate information

Additionally, relevant, real-world examples are used throughout the program to reinforce the significant topics presented. Therefore, you should make plans now to attend K2’s Advanced Excel course to become more efficient and proficient in Excel. Notably, this course covers advanced and newer Excel topics found in Excel 2007.




Experienced in Excel

Advanced Preparation



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Thursday, May 9, 2024

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Group-live demo and discussion using color computer projection – laptop friendly, with access to demonstration files. Program focuses on Excel for Windows, but many of the features can be found in Excel for Mac.