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8.0 Credits

This course will help you become a key adviser to your client or employer who is interested in buying or selling a business. It provides the participant with a foundation of knowledge about the most common types of business acquisitions that a business owner may utilize or be a party to during the life of the business. In this course participants will gain a working knowledge sufficient to prepare basic tax models for business acquisitions and obtain data necessary to complete an analysis/comparison and recommendation for a course of action.


• Recognize the basic steps in a business acquisition.
• Differentiate the team of advisers involved with the transactions.
• Identify due diligence procedures and transaction documentation.
• Analyze the three principle approaches to valuation of a business.
• Identify key buyer groups and the impact of a sale on them.
• Determine how to structure compensation alternatives for individual buyers and sellers.
• Recognize how CPAs and other advisers can offer the highest value services to clients.

Major Topics

• Transaction basics
• Due diligence
• Asset versus stock based transactions
• Transaction terms
• Buyer and seller best practices
• Transaction costs


Basic knowledge of business acquisitions


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Tuesday, September 19, 2023

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