8.0 Credits

Address GAAP financial accounting and reporting topics in conjunction with an overview of recent FASB pronouncements, utilize detailed descriptions and examples of how to implement the new standards and review how to assess new and current FASB guidance affects all industries. The discussion includes key FASB ASC topics relevant to those in public accounting practices and business and industry, such as fair value, intangible assets including goodwill, financial instruments, and other investments, as well as credit losses.


  •     Identify and apply select FASB accounting and reporting guidance.
  •     Identify the latest FASB final guidance.

Major Topics

  •     The financial reporting environment
  •     Summary of recent FASB releases
  •     Financial accounting and reporting topics impacted by guidance recently-issued or effective in the near term (such as leases and revenue recognition)
  •     Review of significant accounting and reporting topics


Experience in the application of accounting standards


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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

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