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2.0 Credits

Get essential tax updates from the popular instructor and tax guru Art Auerbach, CPA, in the monthly tax webinar series.

Major Topics

  • S Corporation issues including wages to owners, how to deduct health insurance for more than 2% owners and deducting an office in the home.
  • Completing Form 2848 using electronic signatures. This is an involved and complex process.
  • Infrastructure Bill and Budget Outline tax provisions. This involves Update on employment credits, including limitations on the employee retention credit.
  • Tax Conformity and Nexus regarding year end planning year-end tax planning and relation to state and local filing.
  • Update on cryptocurrency items and potential regulation.
  • Tax ethics and current items regarding the pandemic especially for those who are providing attest services as well as tax services.
  • Some draft forms showing changes from 2020 to 2021.
  • Update on the use of home as an office.
  • Notices of deficiency and procedure including tax court filings to avoid possible collection problems with incorrect notices.