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8.0 Credits

Join us for our annual expedition through the harbors and swamps on the tax landscape this season. Uncover the top issues with broad applicability and importance this year and explore the practical implications, potential pitfalls and planning opportunities.


  •     Understand the most important hot button issues that have emerged as areas of concern to the IRS, taxpayers, and tax advisors
  •     Understand a broad range of tax subjects for both individuals and business owners
  •     Recognize tax planning opportunities that may present themselves


Major Topics

  •     The SECURE Act, including IRA and RMD changes
  •     The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act: Key provisions for individuals
  •     The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act: Key provisions for businesses
  •     Broad inventory of fringe benefits possibilities
  •     Miscellaneous business issues
  •     Employing life insurance
  •     Domicile and taxation
  •     Choice of entity
  •     Tax rates and QBI
  •     Understanding Section 199A


One or more years of experience in planning for individual and business clients


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Monday, November 29, 2021

General Sessions