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8.0 Credits

Gain fresh insight into guiding your staff through the "people side" of modern workplace issues. Receive a reality-based set of tactics to help you and your team thrive in the future.


    Change: Avoiding Ulcers in the New Abnormal World
        List the four steps of processing change
        Describe personality traits as they relate to change resistance
        Recognize the value of the Personal Power Grid
        Apply techniques for managing personal transition

    Client Needs: Beyond Best Practices in Client and Customer Service
        Differentiate between customer service and customer experience
        Recall the three levels of customer relationships
        Recognize core organizational and cultural decisions that build a sustainable culture of good customer experience
        Recall key points of the Herzberg’s Motivational Theory
        List techniques for delivering great customer experiences

    Development: Moving From Employee to Manager to Leader
        Recognize the new roles of Manager and Leader from a beginning point of employee
        Understand how to set SMART goals and communicate them up and down the organizational chain.
        Recall the elements of leader credibility
        Identify successful and unsuccessful techniques used for motivating people
        Identify challenging factors when managing friends

    Engagement: Motivating the Next Workforce
        Identify how to motivate high performers
        Identify techniques to better engage the new workforce
        Recall components of the New Model of Leadership
        Recognize how to motivate all generations using three valid motivational theories

    Greatness: Building a Productive, Resilient Workforce
        Identify key techniques for hiring high performers
        Recognize key indicators of a hire’s long-term success
        Identify what motivates a high performing team
        Identify key characteristics of a strong employee/employer relationship
        Recognize the core values that are most highly valued across all generations

    Inclusion: Building a Sustainable Culture of Diversity
        Define a modern implementation of Diversity and Inclusion
        Recognize the impact of generational issues on Diversity
        Define organization culture
        Identify the performance benefits of managing a competitive advantage
        Recognize the ethical underpinnings of Diversity and Inclusion

    The Next Generation: A Different Take on the Generations
        Recognize the shifts happening in the generations that make up the workforce – how to read and react to those shifts
        Identify effective communication strategies using a mix of communication channels across generations, while maintaining a  consistent message
        Identify strategies for keeping high performing talent from across all generations
        Recognize the main types of information and how to use them to best reduce information overload
        Identify the three core values that all generations have in common as the most important


At least one year managerial experience


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Thursday, October 28, 2021

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