8.0 Credits

Combine the practical knowledge of restaurant ownership and operations, with your financial skills as a CPA. Cover weekly accounting controls and reporting procedures that are unique to the restaurant industry. Learn the ability to annualize restaurant financial statements to improve net profit by about five percent of sales.


• Unique daily controls that improve profits immediately.
• The 21 top ideas of 2018 for increasing restaurant profits.
• Accounting procedures that are unique to the restaurant industry - - the best restaurant financial statement information.
• 12 Financial ratios that every restaurant owner needs to know.
• 7 unique ways to reduce labor costs.
• New IRS Tip Reporting Compliance.
• How to detect employee theft.
• Latest food costing, menu pricing, and labor-saving techniques.
• Adjusting menu prices for food and labor cost increases.
• Analyzing financial statements to determine problem areas.
• And MUCH more!



Advanced Preparation



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Thursday, August 20, 2020

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