8.0 Credits

Clients think that estate planning only applies to the very rich. In truth, there are many issues of critical concern for which the middle-income client needs to plan. This course is a must-attend for all CPAs who work with middle-income clients and are looking for ways to provide additional quality services. The material is updated with the latest guidance.


  •     Understand estate planning issues unrelated to federal tax planning
  •     Inventory the documents relevant to estate preservation
  •     Understand methods of providing for children and the spouse

Major Topics

  • The SECURE Act, including IRA and RMD changes
  • More than 20 documents that should be reviewed that are neither a will nor trust
  • Applicable rates, and tactics that may be used to minimize them
  • Reducing the impact of ancillary administration
  • Provisions you need in a will
  • When a trust is needed for children
  • Durable powers of attorney, for financial matters and for healthcare
  • Realistic retirement goals
  • Management of insurance: liability, disability, and life
  • Dealing with marriage and divorce
  • Titling assets effectively
  • Avoiding the loss of capital and passive losses at death
  • Portability of the deceased spouse‚Äôs unused exemption amount
  • Developments relative to estate tax, and the implications for planning



Advanced Preparation



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