Peer Review Fees

The Georgia Society of CPAs administers peer reviews for its member firms enrolled in one of the following practice-monitoring programs:

AICPA Peer Review Program (including PCPS members and non-AICPA members)

Peer Review Program Fees pay the administration costs and are charged annually to all firms enrolled in the above practice-monitoring programs. The program fees cover the fiscal year of June 1 through May 31 and are generally billed in June. Program fees are based upon your firm's category at the time of payment and whether audits are performed. 

GSCPA rates are a per professional fee as laid out below. For billing purposes, GSCPA will be using your firm Peer Review Information (PRI) completed within PRIMA to determine the number of professionals you will be billed for. This administrative fee will continue to be due annually. Examples of the new fee are demonstrated below.

In the year of your peer review, if you have engagements in a must-select category, you will be charged a must-select fee. This must-select fee will only be charged to your firm in the year your peer review is due (i.e., if your peer review is due January 31, 2025, you will be charged this fee in June 2024, which is the beginning of the 2024-2025 peer review year).  For information about what industries are considered to be must-select, please consult the Peer Review Program Standards.

Firm fee plus one professional $275 $325
Per professional after 1 $60 $75
Per must-select category N/A $100

Re-enrollment after dropped for noncompliance

Rate for the current year times number of years not enrolled after non-compliance

*The term “professional” refers to all personnel including leased and per diem employees who devote at least 25 percent of their time in performing audits, reviews, compilations, or other attest engagements, or those professionals who have partner/manager level responsibility for the overall supervision or review of such engagements.