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Live Stream: Pat Garverick's Federal Tax Update: Individuals (Form 1040) - 11/2/2020 -
Review the current Federal individual income tax laws and examine updates of new tax forms, changes to existing tax forms, as well as tax planning opportunities and pitfalls. Get up-to-speed quickly and have a successful Federal individual income...
Live Stream: The Complete Trust Workshop (CFP) - 11/2/2020 -
The use of trusts will continue to undergo changes in the current year. Clients need to be informed why planning is essential in these changing times. The purpose of this course is to explore the many beneficial issues of trusts, an essential...
Live Stream: Pat Garverick's Federal Tax Update: C & S Corporations, Partnerships, & LLC - 11/3/2020 -
Review the current Federal business income tax laws, and review updates of new tax forms, changes to existing tax forms, as well as tax planning opportunities and pitfalls. Get up-to-speed quickly for a successful Federal business income tax season.
Live Stream: 2020 Community Banking Update - 11/3/2020 -
Designed for auditors and CFOs to address new and significant changes recently affecting the banking industry, and discuss how to utilize these changes in an effective manner.
Annual Update and Practice Issues for Preparation, Compilation and Review Engagements** - 11/4/2020 -
A go-to reference for training staff and managing your preparation, compilation, and review engagements. Learn how to comply with all of the professional standards surrounding engagements performed under Statements on Standards for Accounting and...
Live Stream: Nexus Update: Latest Developments in State Income, Franchise, and Sales Tax** - 11/4/2020 -
The barriers to doing business across state lines have significantly decreased in recent years. However, this creates additional issues for taxpayers and their preparers in determining where and when they have nexus in a state which would require...
Live Stream: Fraud Update: Detecting and Preventing the Top Ten Fraud Schemes** - 11/4/2020 -
Discuss how significant frauds are perpetrated, including real-world examples, and the types of cost-effective controls that can be implemented by both small and large businesses and nonprofit entities to identify and prevent these deceptive acts.
Live Stream: Accounting and Reporting for Not-for-Profit Organizations (YB)** - 11/9/2020 -
Do you need to enhance your not-for-profit accounting skills? Through a case- study-intense, highly interactive classroom environment, receive the tools necessary to go beyond the theory and create value-added services for your clients. Examine,...
Live Stream: Jim Martin's 2020 Accounting & Auditing Update for the Real World - 11/9/2020 -
Cover the significant provisions of the most recent pronouncements and proposed pronouncements from the FASB, the Private Company Council, the Auditing Standards Board (including SAS 134) and the Accounting and Review Services Committee...
Live Stream: Best Practices for Supervising and Managing Engagement Teams (NEW) - 11/9/2020 -
Sound supervision and management of engagement teams is critical for effective and efficient audits.