2.0 Credits

With continuous changes resulting from COVID-19, join federal tax expert and Georgia tax guru Art Auerbach, CPA, for Part 2 of a two-part series to explore tax, accounting and practice implications. Part 2 will address malpractice issues as well as considerations for accounting issues you may face.

Major Topics

Malpractice issues to be covered:

  • Ethics
  • Computer security. home versus office. BYOD (bring your own device) what security is on the device
  • Working remotely, what is a home office, discussed in the tax discussion
  • Substantial authority for positions taken on tax filings
  • Is your software up to date with all the changes
  • Issues regarding staffing and FMLA and HIPPA
  • When is a CPA interpreting the law and would be considered practicing law and not accounting
  • Conflicts of Interest in practice. Who are you representing, the entity or the owners
  • Pronouncements from the malpractice carriers of items to be concerned about

Accounting and Financial Statement Issues

  • Loan foregiveness and disclosure
  • Which loans are forgiven
  • Your participation in SBA filings for loans and loan relief
  • What do the loan documents contain that require disclosure
  • Loan guarantees by the owners
  • Much more on this as well

Designed For

Public and industry accountants at all levels interested in remaining current on professional, technical and relevant regulatory requirements  


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