2.0 Credits

With continuous changes resulting from COVID-19, join federal tax expert and Georgia tax guru Art Auerbach, CPA, for Part 1 of a two-part series to explore tax, accounting and practice implications. Part 1 will address federal tax issues as well as state tax issues to include Georgia and surrounding states.

Major Topics

Federal tax issues to be covered:

  • Filing deadlines, a review of the IRS’s FAQ’s issued 3/23/20.
  • How to deal with extended payments.
  • The payments approved by Congress to go back to taxpayers.
  • Section 108 and forgiveness  of indebtedness.
  • IRS processing issues, given that their programs, many, are still written in a 1963 COBOL computer language.
  • What to do if taxpayers are non-filers.
  • Procedural issues including processing protests and appeals.
  • The Form 990 deadline in May was NOT extended, how to deal with non-profit organizations.
  • Changes in the recently enacted NOL rules.
  • The Kiddie Tax and the new election regarding changes previously enacted by the Congress.
  • Much more as items are issued by the tax authorities.

State tax issues to be covered:

  • Where do the states stand with all of the above.
  • Are there differences, bear in mind that what a taxpayer pays in Federal tax in some states is a deduction. 
  • What about state refunds.
  • Conformity, for example some states, like Georgia have a static or fixed date conformity others have what is known as rolling conformity.
  • Where does Georgia stand with the Georgia House passed flat tax.
  • What about payments and collections of sales taxes, hotel taxes and property taxes, where are they in the extension world.
  • Many other issues will be discussed.

Designed For

Public and industry accountants at all levels interested in remaining current on professional, technical and relevant regulatory requirements  


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