2.0 Credits

Earn CPE by reading Current Accounts!  Due to the growth in popularity from members like you, we have automated the process with a new Current Accounts self-study exam.  

Current Accounts features a self-study test for CPE credit.  Each issue will have a 10-question exam and will be worth 2 hours of general CPE credit.  A grade of 70% or better qualifies for CPE credit.  Exams can be submitted for CPE up to one year after the publication issue date.

After registering for the test, you will be able to access the test by following these steps.
• Log in to www.gscpa.org.
• Click on the ‘My GSCPA’ drop down menu and select ‘My Self Study.’ 
• Find the Current Accounts exam you want to take and click on the title of the edition to launch the exam.
• Complete the exam and it will be automatically graded and posted to your online transcript within 30 minutes. If you do not pass the exam, you will receive a notification that you did not score a passing grade and will be given the opportunity to take the exam again up to two more times. 

Major Topics

  • The Dust Settles on Opportunity Zones
  • Form W-4 for 2020
  • CECL: Compliance Challenges and Some Proposed Relief
  • The Importance of Business Law Knowledge
  • Apps to Help with Business Efficiency
  • Meet the New Georgia Department of Revenue Commissioner
  • Members Enjoyed the Historic Hospitality City at the 2019 Annual Convention
  • Individual CPA License Renewal
  • GSCPA Volunteer Opportunities
  • Member View: Allie Donahue
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