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Wednesday, August 23, 2023 - Thursday, August 24, 2023 / Atlanta, GA

With multiple tracks of expert content and round table discussions, you’ll gain exclusive insights, develop valuable skills and walk away with distinct guidance to grow at your own pace.

The Southeastern Accounting Show (SEAS) is GSCPA's premier event, providing a high-quality education in multiple interest areas. Explore all of the newest standards, issues and questions at one event. Take advantage of the CPE event of the year and discussions with local and national leaders on everything from tax to auditing to technology to best business practices.


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Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Pre-Conference Workshop: 2023 A&A Hot Topics (VIRTUAL ONLY) Credits: 4.0 AO

James D. Martin, CPA, CGMA, MAcc
Owner / Martin & Co, CPA, PC , Atlanta, GA

Cover the most recent "hot" topics from FASB (including common lease accounting issues for lessees, the current expected credit loss model, crypto accounting proposals, and others), the ASB (quality management and other new auditing standards), the ARSC (SSARS 26) and other A&A contributors.

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

A - The ACFE/COSO Fraud Risk Management Guide: 2023 Edition (Optional Early Morning Session) Credits: 1.0 AO

David L. Cotton, CPA, CFEm, CGFM
Cotton & Company, LLP , Alexandria, VA

Fraud risk is ever-present, but it can be managed. The fraud landscape is constantly changing and evolving. Accordingly, ACFE and COSO initiated an effort to refresh the FRMG to make it more current and relevant to the changing fraud environment. Discuss how fraud risk management relates to and supports fraud deterrence and data analytics as integral parts of the five fraud risk management principles. Discuss how internal control and fraud risk management are related and support each other but differ in some crucial respects.

B - 2023 State of the Profession from the GSCPA Perspective Credits: 1.0 ST

Join GSCPA executive leadership and special guests to discuss the profession's significant issues pertaining to Georgia. Hear about the new regulations the Georgia State Board of public accountancy set forth regarding CPE requirements, pipeline issues and more details on CPA exam changes.

C1 - A&A Update: Focus on SAS No. 144 and 145 Credits: 2.0 AO

Jennifer Louis, CPA
Emergent Solutions Group , Charlotte, NC

Current generally accepted auditing standards were written to improve the overall quality of risk-based financial statement audits. Discuss the essential clarifications and enhancements specifically contained in SAS Nos. 144-145, emphasizing new terminology, clarified application of pre-existing requirements, significant enhancements to presumed audit tasks, and more.

C2 - Business Federal Tax Update with JJ The CPA Credits: 2.0 TT

Joshua Jenson
Joshua Jenson, CPA, PC , Edmond, OK

Focused on small businesses, primarily discuss s-corporation and partnership tax matters related to the ever-increasing IRS disclosure requirements pertaining to pass-through entity tax and at-risk basis, foreign reporting on Schedules K-2 and K-3, passive activities and additional areas that could be leading to new IRS audit tactics. Also, beyond the headlines, the Inflation Reduction Act, Secure Act 2.0, and the most controversial area of the expired Employee Retention Credit will be covered.

C3 - Connecting Wall Street to Main Street Businesses Credits: 2.0 EO

Simeon Wallis, CFA
Aprio , Atlanta, GA

What happens on Wall Street today will impact Main Street tomorrow. Look at what shapes the financial markets, including economic trends, capital market signals and investor sentiment. Better understand how the financial market influences future decisions individuals and businesses make for business planning, capital expenditure decisions, the direction of commercial and residential real estate markets, and more.

C4 - Innovation Beyond Technology Credits: 2.0 PD

Ed Kless
Sage , Allen, TX

Discuss the possibility that innovation goes beyond technological developments. Technology is important, but it is only a small part of innovation. For innovation to be complete, we must look at other areas, including the organization's internal processes and, most importantly, the language we use. Innovating like this is hard work and only for some because it requires deeper thinking than is most often thought.

C5 - How to Comply with IRS Publication 4557 - A Practical Workshop for Firm Leaders Credits: 2.0 TT

Randolph P. Johnston, MCS
K2 Enterprises , Hutchinson, KS

IRS Publication 4557, Safeguarding Taxpayer Data, is especially important this year as recent amendments to the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act will be applicable beginning June 9, 2023, which require tax preparers to implement security plans to protect client data. This workshop could be supplemented by supporting resources for CPAs to create a plan to help them fortify their firm's security per Pub 4557.

D1 - Auditing Cryptocurrency and Other Digital Assets Credits: 1.5 AI

Jennifer Louis, CPA
Emergent Solutions Group , Charlotte, NC

Digital assets, including cryptocurrency, are evolving as a medium of exchange, financing, vehicle, investment assets and more. The proper accounting and financial reporting of digital assets and related issues is still evolving. Address the fundamental questions you need answered as more entities engage in transactions based on digital assets.

D2 - Changing Legal Residency and Georgia Income Tax Obligations of Non-Residents Credits: 1.5 TT

Richard C. Litwin
The Litwin Law Firm, P.C. , Atlanta, GA

The Covid-19 shutdowns, remote work and the $10,000 cap on state and local tax deductions on federal individual income tax returns have prompted individuals to abandon Georgia. Navigating the residency maze is as difficult as ever. Cover (1) fundamentals of legal residency/domicile, (2) the elusive concept of the "presumption of continuing legal residence," (3) steps on changing residency from Georgia to Florida and (4) Georgia income tax obligations of non-residents.

D3 - Sweeping Legislative Changes Present Opportunities for Benefit Plan Sponsors and Their CPAs Credits: 1.5 AI

Anne T. Hall, Esq. LL.M
Hall Benefits Law , Atlanta, GA

Laws that impact employee benefit plans evolve, and the rate of change has accelerated. With massive change comes massive opportunity; avoiding pitfalls inherent in new rules requires a dynamic approach. Discuss updates and case studies to illustrate the proactive approach to benefits legal compliance; the straightforward strategy of adding value through every client interaction translates well for CPAs willing to address problems and possibilities.

D4 - How AI Will Impact Auditing in the Future Credits: 1.5 AI

Principal / Schellman & Company, LLC , Tampa, FL

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasing the speed of change in virtually every industry. What are the components and types of AI? What are the data risks? How does AI impact auditing now? And how will AI impact auditing in the future? 

D5 - Combatting Burnout Credits: 1.5 PD

Division VP Tiffany Davis
ADP , Atlanta, GA

Many people struggle with the feeling of burnout in our constantly changing world. Burnout is a multi-faceted topic that can feel overwhelming to address, and ultimately each person needs solutions that work for their unique self and situation. Explore research insights and coaching practices around how focusing on strengths helps people manage and renew their energy and combat burnout.


E1 - How to Audit a SOC Report Credits: 2.0 AI

Shelby Nelson, CISA, CISSP, CDPSE
Frazier & Deeter LLC , Atlanta, GA

The prevalence of SOC reports as a part of outsourcing business functions is increasing exponentially. The various components of SOC reports (SOC 1 & SOC 2) can be complex and challenging to navigate. Participate in a guided conversation on the key components of SOC reports, their similarities and differences and three report user scenarios pointing out specific areas the reviewer should focus on and what to look for. After the discussion, a hands-on report review experience using an illustrative SOC 1 report will be provided.

E2 - Individual Federal Tax Update with JJ The CPA Credits: 2.0 TT

Joshua Jenson
Joshua Jenson, CPA, PC , Edmond, OK

The next step after planning for taxes is to strategize tax. This year is pivotable as we have many new tax laws in play from the Inflation Reduction Act, with new tax laws coming into the picture related to the Secure Act 2.0, as well as many TCJA tax provisions expiring. Covered will be the tax matters related to reducing taxes this year and for the next 10 years.

E3 - Business Law Update Credits: 2.0 BT

Bruce H. Henderson, J.D.
Phelps, Jenkins, Gibson & Fowler, L.L , Tuscaloosa, AL

Discuss developments all CPAs need to know to advise their clients and manage their employees. Discuss the upcoming revisions to the DOL Overtime Exemption rules and strategies for dealing with the unprecedented attacks on independent contractor status, non-competition and non-solicitation agreements, employee separation agreements, and employee handbooks. Also, receive updates on changes to workplace harassment law and two new federal pregnancy laws on discrimination and lactation.

E4 - Thinking Beyond Patterns: Finding Meaning in Your Data Credits: 2.0 IN

Toby Groves, Ph.D.
Groves Research and Consulting , Cincinnati, OH

New technologies and analytical methods detect myriad patterns in our data, but what do they mean, and what decisions can they help us make? Learn techniques that allow us to discern the meaning and deeper structure of problems, recognize why interactions occur, and what decisions can be made with the information.

E5 - Succession Planning for Family-Owned Businesses Credits: 2.0 BM

James M. Harris III
Investments / Wells Fargo Advisors - Harris Financial Strategies Group , Albany, GA

Along with family dynamics, succession planning is one of the most important aspects of a family-owned business. Discuss helping the current CEO of the business transition the power from the first generation to the next while maintaining family and fostering responsible stewardship of wealth across generations.

F1 - Lease Accounting: Lessons Learned Credits: 1.5 AO

Jason Parker, CPA
LeaseQuery , Atlanta, GA

Join a panel of representatives from LeaseQuery, Grant Thornton and Aprio as they provide an overview of the ASC 842 post-adoption world and discuss the updated standard's impact on how companies approach critical business decisions. They will examine various lease accounting topics and lessons learned, such as best practices for month-end close and approaching common lease transactions, so you can be better prepared for accounting after adoption.

F2 - Estate Planning Update Credits: 1.5 TT

Douglas Stein, J.D.
Stein Law , Atlanta, GA

Review recent IRS pronouncements and case laws impacting estate planning and tax issues. Also, cover the planning implications of recent cases and how to address them.

F3 - Building a Culture for a High-Functioning Team Credits: 1.5 PR

Toby Groves, Ph.D.
Groves Research and Consulting , Cincinnati, OH

Why do some teams "click" while others don't? Examine the psychological features of groups that function at high levels. Whether you are starting a new team or want to transform the culture of an already-existing team, learn how to instill the characteristics found in high-performing groups into your own culture. 

F4 - Painting the AI Masterpiece: Can the Brushstrokes of AI Transform Your Digital Strategy Into a Work of Art? Credits: 1.5 IN

Jeff Kramer
Aprio , Atlanta, GA

New capabilities are bursting into the market driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) every day. How do business leaders make sense of these changes, understand how AI will change our lives and how to harness this for their companies? Explore how organizations can align their business goals to their overall digital strategy with AI engagement. Then define the best way to follow and understand the explosion of AI capabilities flooding the market. Dive into the impacts AI creates for workers in every industry, how business applications will access it, and ultimately what it means for products and services that companies deliver.

F5 - CAS is a Journey: Move the Needle on People, Processes and Technology Credits: 1.5 BM

Senior Manager Todd Cooper , New York, NY

Client Advisory Service practices are evolving to meet clients' changing needs, and practice leaders can guide the change to improve client relationships, staff satisfaction and practice efficiency and profitability. Explore change management in three key areas: people, process and technology, and learn how an agile but structured approach to your firm's CAS practice journey can mitigate challenges, create career opportunities and improve your success.

Thursday, August 24, 2023

G - A CPA's Guide to Avoiding Trouble (Optional Early Morning Session) Credits: 1.0 AI

Duncan Will
CAMICO Mutual Insurance Co , San Mateo, CA

The top malpractice issues facing today's CPA are the same issues/themes that have faced us for decades. Many issues and risk management strategies remain the same, but some are new, and others have changed. Receive insight into practice risks, how to avoid getting into trouble, and how to extract yourself if you do. Use these concepts and tools to make risk management a profitable component of your practice and permit you to rest easier.

H1 - What is This New Ethics Requirement All About? Credits: 2.0 RE

Thomas E. Newell Jr, CPA
Newell & Newell, PC , Columbus, GA

The Georgia State Board of Accountancy changed the CPE rules to conform to the Rule of Uniform Accountancy Act (UAA) model rule for CPE, which goes into effect on January 1, 2024. Learn what is required of this rule on ethics and where to find the rules that govern our professional ethics, including a brief refresher on the Ethics in State Board Rules, GSCPA and AICPA. 

H2 - Cryptocurrency Issues in Audits, Litigation, Regulation & Legislation Credits: 2.0 TT

William C. Bomar, LL.M., J.D.
Bomar Law Firm, LLC , Atlanta, GA

Ida Bolt
Bomar Law Firm, LLC , Atlanta, GA

Join us for an insightful session to delve into the world of cryptocurrency and its implications for tax matters. We will provide an overview of the current state of cryptocurrency taxation, including recent developments and guidance.

H3 - Recession Proofing Your Business Credits: 2.0 BM

James Lindell, CPA, CGMA
Thorsten Consulting Group, Inc. , Dousman, WI

We are still in the quagmire of difficult recessionary times. If we are headed for a double-dip recession, what steps have you taken to ensure that your organization will survive the coming months and years? Have you examined the potential for inflation or hype inflation and determined that your organization is prepared? Explore the steps a prudent management team should consider to implement in tough economic times.

H4 - Current Cyber Threats to Small Firms Credits: 2.0 AI

Jonathan Kyle
LockStep Technology Group , Peachtree Corners, GA

A look at current threats that firms are likely to face with evidence and examples.

H5 - Disruption Proof, Building a Practice That Thrives in a Rapidly Changing Landscape Credits: 2.0 BM

Joe Woodard
Woodard Consulting , Canton, GA

As an accountant, you face unprecedented disruptions like seismic technological shifts, global organizations entering the space, a fusion of accounting platforms, employee recruitment/retention challenges, and hyper-commoditization. Examine critical economic, competitive, and technological disruptions. Discover proven practice strategies that insulate you from impacts.

I1 - Nonprofit Accounting and Tax Update - What You Need to Know Credits: 1.5 AO

Kimberly A. Bland, CPA
Smith & Howard, PC , Atlanta, GA

Sabre J. Linahan, CPA
Smith & Howard, PC , Atlanta, GA

Nonprofit entities (NFPs) must keep up to date with new and evolving accounting and auditing standards and changes in IRS regulations. Learn about new and proposed accounting and auditing standards, including IRS regulations and how they will impact NFPs. Topics include FASB accounting guidance and projects, AICPA accounting and audit guidance, and a tax update.  

I2 - Two Truths and a Lie: What You Really Need to Know About the ERC Credits: 1.5 TT

Kelli Kochs
Alpharesults, LLC , Alpharetta, GA

Jeff Gardner
Alpharesults, LLC , Alpharetta, GA

Stephen MacNeil
Alpharesults, LLC , Alpharetta, GA

There has been a lot of press about the abuses surrounding the Employee Retention Credit, causing CPAs to worry about their clients claiming the ERC under suspect qualification. As the client's trusted advisors, CPAs are often their clients' last line of defense. Walk through the ins and outs of the ERC and how to help your clients avoid being scammed.

I3 - Economic Outlook: Charting the Path Forward Credits: 1.5 EO

CIO Stephen Colavito Jr.
San Blas Securities , Atlanta, GA

Comprehensively analyze the current economic landscape, equipping yourself with the knowledge and insights necessary to navigate the challenges and seize opportunities in the dynamic business environment.

I4 - Tech Talk with Calvin Wong Credits: 1.5 CN

Calvin J. Wong, CPA, CISSP
Director of IT / The Georgia Society of CPAs , Atlanta, GA

Participate in a high-level technology review that includes a breakdown of the current trends in hardware, software and policies while providing a look forward to upcoming innovations that may affect our businesses and daily lives.

I5 - Top Financial Mistakes for Retiring CPAs and How to Avoid Them Credits: 1.5 BM

Meredith C. Moore
Artisan Financial Strategies , Alpharettta, GA

The public accounting industry is losing several professionals due to M&A and retirement. While some have prepared for a major financial event, many still need to. This talk will deal with the top five mistakes associated with this exit and retirement and how to avoid them. Both strategic and tactical strategies will clearly be explained. There will also be an in-depth Q&A to address specific and customized advice to attendees as they approach this significant milestone in their life.


J1 - Benford's Law: A Valuable Audit Tool Credits: 2.0 AI

David L. Cotton, CPA, CFEm, CGFM
Cotton & Company, LLP , Alexandria, VA

Numbers—and especially the digits within those numbers—can conceal a lot of information. Benford's Law is the key to unlocking that information. Explore what Benford's Law is, how it works, and how it can be used to reveal bogus information and made-up data. Accountants and auditors should understand how to use this valuable audit tool and other digital analysis techniques.

J2 - Tax Talk with Art & Anson Credits: 2.0 TT

Arthur Auerbach, CPA, CGMA
owner / Arthur Auerbach CPA , Atlanta, GA

Anson Asbury, J.D., LL.M.
Asbury Law Firm , Decatur, GA

Art Auerbach, CPA, CGMA, and Anson Asbury, J.D., LL.M, present a live in-person session of their popular video podcast where they discuss new tax compliance developments and the latest tax controversy trends.

J3 - Finance and Cash Flow Strategies Credits: 2.0 FT

Denise W. Grove, CPA, CGMA
Founder & CEO / CFO Support, Inc. & Grove Solutions , Newnan, GA

Cash flow strategies look into the 'windshield' vs. the rearview mirror.' Review an income-targeting framework for budget and forecast planning. CPAs are regarded as trusted professional advisors' who know money.' Naturally, our CFO and CPA SMB Client Advisory Services (CAS) Cash Forecasting roles continue growing. Techniques shared work for CAS and firm practice management.

J4 - Microsoft 365: New Features and Shortcuts Credits: 2.0 CN

Greg Creech
Techedutainment Services, Inc. , Pine Lake, GA

Review good old tips and tricks from the 1990s that are still relevant and productive after 30 years. Explore the new features of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook and learn new or significantly revised features that span many of the 365 suites, like dictate, read aloud and search/smart lookup. Receive an overview of Microsoft Teams and OneDrive/SharePoint for collaborating with our Microsoft application suite.

J5 - When Pigs Learn to Fly: Average People Achieving the Impossible Credits: 2.0 PD

James Lindell, CPA, CGMA
Thorsten Consulting Group, Inc. , Dousman, WI

A humorous and entertaining look at everyday people that have risen to great heights and overcome significant difficulties. Learn how companies can unleash employees' hidden potential and skills. The techniques are also excellent for releasing your hidden talents.

K1 - Audit Quality Issues: How Can I Ensure My Firm's Performing Quality Audits? Credits: 1.5 AI

Thomas E. Newell Jr, CPA
Newell & Newell, PC , Columbus, GA

Audit quality has been an issue that has been around for a long time. The AICPA membership voted for the peer review program to address in the late 1980s. The GAO and DOL have also addressed quality issues in audits of governmental entities and employee benefit plans. Learn how to make sure your firm is performing quality audits.

K2 - The Conservation Easement Controversy: IRS Attacks, Recent Taxpayer Victories, and Evolving Issues Credits: 1.5 TT

Hale E. Sheppard, J.D., LL.M.
Chamberlain, Hrdlicka, White, Williams & Aughtry , Atlanta, GA

The IRS is attacking partnerships that make easement donations to charitable organizations in many ways, including identifying them as "listed transactions," launching a compliance campaign, seeking injunctions of easement-related activities, placing easements on the "dirty dozen" list and litigating large numbers of Tax Court cases. Explore evolving IRS attacks, taxpayer defenses, important Tax Court decisions, and more.

K3 - Bears Will Be Bears – Fraudsters Too Credits: 1.5 AI

Daniel Porter, CFE
D. Porter Solutions , Manchester, TN

Bears are intelligent and motivated to find food. When I left some fried chicken in my Jeep while in Gatlinburg, a bear tore a hole in the top and ate the chicken and part of my Jeep. He was just a bear being a bear. I'm responsible because I left the chicken in the Jeep and gave him the opportunity. Similarly, people are intelligent and motivated to survive. They will take our assets if we provide them with an opportunity by not implementing and enforcing good internal controls. Review the investigation and prosecution of the former director of a conference center who took advantage of lax internal controls of a joint venture and stole thousands. She was just a fraudster being a fraudster.

K4 - Excel Analytics for the Accountant Credits: 1.5 CN

Greg Creech
Techedutainment Services, Inc. , Pine Lake, GA

Cover creating and editing Excel's dynamic, three popular analytical tools: Scenario Manager, PivotTables and Chart. With scenario manager, play and save what-if analytics and create a scenario summary for loans and budgets. Summarize our financial data with PivotTables using other aggregate functions to create and present data professionally and concisely. Finally, make and edit charts, graphs and diagrams to display financial data visually.

K5 - An Update on ESG and the Accounting Profession Credits: 1.5 ST

Paul M. Perry, FHFMA, CISM, CITP
Warren Averett, LLC , Birmingham, AL

Explore what ESG is and how it will impact the accounting profession. Talk about pending regulations and what companies are looking for to get started. Talk through frameworks and discuss how a company/firm can get started recording their ESG-related metrics and reporting on them.

L1 - Accounting & Auditing Round Table Credits: 1.0 AO

Discuss, in a casual setting, the hottest topics in accounting & auditing. Topics will be selected and moderated by GSCPA Advisory Councils.

L2 - Tax Round Table Credits: 1.0 TT

Discuss, in a casual setting, the hottest topics in tax. Topics will be selected and moderated by GSCPA Advisory Councils.

L3 - Business & Industry Round Table Credits: 1.0 AO

Discuss, in a casual setting, the hottest topics in business & industry. Topics will be selected and moderated by GSCPA Advisory Councils.

L4 - Technology Round Table Credits: 1.0 IN

Discuss, in a casual setting, the hottest topics in technology. Topics will be selected and moderated by GSCPA Advisory Councils.

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