2023 Decision Makers Conference (13005)

Wednesday, April 19, 2023 - Thursday, April 20, 2023 / Atlanta, GA

Managing the strategic and financial direction of a changing workplace is challenging. Continual developments require you to have the most up-to-the-minute knowledge, skills, and techniques. Discuss critical issues that corporate finance professionals undertake to enhance your career development and benefit your company.

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Day 1
> Changing Altitude: How to Soar in Your (New) Leadership Role
> Hot Topics in Accounting and Financial Reporting
> Complying with the Code of Professional Conduct
> Income Tax Update for Private Companies and Business Owners
> Big Picture Mega-Trends, Big Data and World We Now Face
> SECA Taxes, Limited Partner Exception, and Current IRS Disputes: Analyzing the Journey to Chaos
> Cryptocurrencies for the CFO: Explaining Blockchain
> How Sales Tax Impacts Mergers & Acquisitions
> CFO Panel 

Day 2
> Self Awareness- The Power Behind Decision-Making
> Economic and Market Outlook 2023
> Do You Have the Right Stuff in Your Internal Controls?
> Employee Retention Tax Credits: 'Must-Know' Information
> Cybersecurity for Business 
> Sales and Use Tax
> Employment Law Axioms
> Practical Steps and Guidelines for Account Reconciliation 
> An Update to ESG
> Leadership Lessons Learned Through the FBI

This conference is a paperless conference and all materials will be available electronically as PDFs. Materials will be available for download in advance and participants will receive an email when they are available. For more information about eMaterials, visit ematerials.gscpa.org.

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

8:05 am-8:55 am
A – Changing Altitude: How to Soar in Your (New) Leadership Role Credits: 1.0 PD

Greg Hiebert
LeadershipForward , Marietta, GA

You've strived to be your best in every step of your career. Now you're starting a new leadership role or one with much greater responsibility and complexity in an area, function, or organization that you may not be as experienced or knowledgeable of. The template for success you've always relied on no longer applies. Receive a framework for optimizing your impact and maximizing personal and professional growth in your new role. Regarding leadership, character counts; learn how to identify the values that underscore who you are as a leader, define what success means to your organization, and take your team into the future with a synergistic balance of responsibility and self-reflection.

9:05 am-10:20am
B – Hot Topics in Accounting and Financial Reporting Credits: 1.5 AO

Jennifer Louis, CPA
Emergent Solutions Group , Charlotte, NC

Discuss executive summary highlights of the more critical updates in generally accepted accounting principles and other hot topics that impact the preparation and fair presentation of financial statements in accordance with FASB GAAP. The objective will be to list recent changes in GAAP and recognize the most significant impacts.

C1 – Complying with the Code of Professional Conduct Credits: 1.5 BN

Jennifer Louis, CPA
Emergent Solutions Group , Charlotte, NC

Explore the essential ethical principles of the AICPA's Code of Professional Conduct for those in public and industry practice. The discussion will include highlights of significant ethical interpretations and other relevant matters. The objective will be to list key ethical concepts and recognize how they affect public and industry CPAs.

C2 – Income Tax Update for Private Companies and Business Owners Credits: 1.5 TT

Nicole R. Suk, CPA
Tax Principal / Windham Brannon, PC , Atlanta, GA

Review explanations and planning ideas for the latest income tax developments, including the most recent guidance on new tax law provisions.

D1 – Big Picture Mega-Trends, Big Data and World We Now Face Credits: 1.5 AO

Bob Mims
The Knowledge Institute , Charlotte, NC

It is easy for us to get caught up in our work, but it is better to examine the 'big picture' by studying the outside factors that impact our business beyond our internal processes and day-to-day responsibilities. We are sometimes so busy with our tasks that we miss new developments until the developments have a profound impact on the organization and us. Review many of these current trends while thinking and discussing how these trends can impact our organizations and us. Recognize the impact of external factors and trends and our key role in applying reasoning, improvement and methodologies to our day-to-day duties. 

D2 – SECA Taxes, Limited Partner Exception, and Current IRS Disputes: Analyzing the Journey to Chaos Credits: 1.5 TT

Hale E. Sheppard, J.D., LL.M.
Chamberlain, Hrdlicka, White, Williams & Aughtry , Atlanta, GA

Many entities treated as partnerships are now under attack. The IRS claims they have incorrectly treated their owners as "limited partners," allowing them to escape SECA taxes on their distributive shares. The partnerships base their position on a law enacted in 1977, which Congress or the IRS has never updated. The broad scope of the "limited partner" exception, coupled with governmental inaction for five decades and the IRS's recent Compliance Campaign, has led to chaos. This presentation chronicles the major events over the years, the critical tax authorities, and the current Tax Court cases addressing the limited partner exception.

E1 – Cryptocurrencies for the CFO: Explaining Blockchain Credits: 1.5 AO

Bob Mims
The Knowledge Institute , Charlotte, NC

What exactly are cryptocurrency and blockchain? Are they here to stay? Explore a big-picture purview of these technologies and currencies by explaining how we got here. Discuss the systems and technical aspects of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. What is the broad view of the technologies that currently do, and will continue to, impact our work and lives?

E2 – How Sales Tax Impacts Mergers & Acquisitions Credits: 1.5 TT

Robert J. Dumas, CPA
Managing Partner / TaxConnex, LLC , Alpharetta, GA

Whether you're on the buy or sell side, the weeks and months leading up to a merger or acquisition can be intense and riddled with obstacles you must navigate before a deal can be closed. If sales tax risk is identified during the due diligence phase, at best, this will need to be addressed as an escrow item; at worst, it could tank the entire deal. If you or one of your clients will be going through a merger or acquisition in 2022, it's important to understand how sales tax can impact the standings of your M&A.

F - CFO Panel Credits: 1.0 BM

Matt D. Clark

CFO Bruce Hausmann

CFO Linda Philip

CFOs will discuss current hot topics impacting their businesses and driving decisions.

Thursday, April 20, 2023

G - Self Awareness- The Power Behind Decision-Making Credits: 1.0 PD

Theresa Etheredge

Enjoy this Emotional Intelligence Journey and discover 
WHY Self Awareness is a SuperPower
WHEN Emotional Decision-Making is Costly
HOW Awareness drives ROI (Return On Individuals)

H – Economic and Market Outlook 2023 Credits: 1.0 EC

Dr. Roger C. Tutterow, Ph.D.
Director, Econometric Center / Kennesaw State University Coles College of Business , Kennesaw, GA

Dr. Roger Tutterow assesses the outlook for the U.S. and Georgia economies.

I1– Do You Have the Right Stuff in Your Internal Controls? Credits: 1.5 AO

Thomas E. Newell Jr, CPA
Newell & Newell, PC , Columbus, GA

Review internal controls and the COSO Internal Control-Integrated Framework. A good internal control system is required to protect from fraud. Managing risk is key to a successful operation. As we walk through the components of internal control outlined by COSO and the 17 principles, we will answer the question, "Do you have the right stuff in your internal controls? 

I2 – Employee Retention Tax Credits: 'Must-Know' Information Credits: 1.5 TT

Shannon Farnham
Paychex , Rochester, NY

Gain insights on the expansion and extension of ERTC requirements and reporting procedures, as well as the interaction and intersection between ERTC and the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) following the enactment of the Consolidated Appropriations Act 2021 and the American Rescue Plan Act

J - Cybersecurity Credits: 1.0 IT

John Iannarelli, Esq., CSP
The JI Consulting Group , Scottsdale, AZ

Why would a criminal rob a bank when they can steal far more from the ease of sitting behind a computer? Beyond money, employees' and clients' sensitive personal information is attractive to a cyberthief, making CPAs an appealing target. Additionally, remote work technologies like Zoom, webinars, and mobile devices have provided cybercriminals with new ways to disrupt business and steal what is yours. Using examples of actual FBI cases, John reveals how your business is vulnerable to a cyberattack, the threats inherent in working remotely, and how you can protect yourself from becoming a victim. Key takeaways include (1) understanding the vulnerabilities of business; (2) learning how to avoid becoming a victim, and (3) knowing what to do if a cybercriminal attacks.

K1 - Sales and Use Tax Credits: 1.5 TT

Richard C. Litwin
The Litwin Law Firm, P.C. , Atlanta, GA

Discuss the Wayfair and Economic Nexus, traps and planning for purchases/sales of business assets and aircraft purchases and sales.

K2 - Employment Law Axioms Credits: 1.5 BT

Todd Stanton
Stanton Law LLC , Atlanta, GA

More than two decades of dealing with the employer-employee relationship have proved certain concepts to be infallible. Beginning with the truism that “five percent of employees cause 95 percent of your problems,” this program offers anyone with supervisory responsibility the joy of commiseration. Attendees will leave the program with a better understanding of how employment laws are applied and comforted that they’re not alone in their struggle to enforce common sense in the workplace.


L1 – Practical Steps and Guidelines for Account Reconciliation Credits: 1.0 AO

Natalie A. Anagnostis, CPA
Accounting Consultant / Vaco Financial , Atlanta, GA

Stakeholders, operations, internal auditors, external auditors, customers and vendors should be considered a part of accounting. The accounting team has the responsibility of properly recording the monetary activity. Owning the accounting with reconciled accounts "that make sense" can save time and money and ultimately improve your revenue, cash flow and profit margin.

L2 – An Update to ESG Credits: 1.0 AO

Paul M. Perry, FHFMA, CISM, CITP
Warren Averett, LLC , Birmingham, AL

Receive an overview of what ESG is for companies and how they need to be prepared for and respond to questions regarding sustainability. While most rules and requirements come from the EU and SEC through proposed and final rules, we will discuss why private companies need to be prepared to respond before they are asked. We will also explore the frameworks used by companies to gather and report on their responses to ESG and provide updates to changes in the environments.

M – Leadership Lessons Learned Through the FBI Credits: 1.0 IT

John Iannarelli, Esq., CSP
The JI Consulting Group , Scottsdale, AZ

Through the storytelling of FBI investigations, the audience will hear the lessons learned that apply to today's business world. John shares inside stories from behind the scenes not otherwise shared with the public, detailing high-profile cases, such as 9/11, the shooting of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, the Enron collapse, and more. Likewise, the audience will also hear valuable insights from other investigations never discussed outside of the FBI. As is often the case with law enforcement situations, the audience will find this valuable presentation equally informative and frequently entertaining. Key Takeaways include (1) identifying the skills necessary for leadership, (2) learning to recognize leading by example, and (3) leveraging the skill sets of your employees so that they may succeed.


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