2022 Financial Institutions Conference (13095)

Thursday, October 20, 2022 / Atlanta, GA

Plan for this year's financial reporting periods and learn how to manage the disruptions and regulatory changes. CPAs working in or with all banking industry segments will benefit from detailed discussions with industry leaders regarding financial institutions' recent developments, including legal updates, risk management, credit losses, environmental, social and governance strategies, and economic updates.

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CPE: 8.0 credits

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> On the Economic, Political and Business Climate
> 2022 Accounting and Auditing Update for Community Financial Institutions
> Volatility is Everywhere: What Items Are Being Affected and What Actions are Being Taken
> Legal Issues in Banking Mergers in 2022
> ESG as a Risk Management Imperative
> Debunking CECL Myths
> Digital Assets in Financial Investigations


This conference is a paperless conference and all materials will be available electronically as PDFs. Materials will be available for download in advance and participants will receive an email when they are available. For more information about eMaterials, visit ematerials.gscpa.org.

Thursday, October 20, 2022

A - On the Economic, Political and Business Climate Credits: 1.0 EC

Dr. Roger C. Tutterow, Ph.D.
Director, Econometric Center / Kennesaw State University Coles College of Business , Kennesaw, GA

Nine years ago, we cleared significant hurdles that were necessary steps back toward "normalcy" after the Great Recession. Two years into the post-pandemic recovery, the economy faces new challenges threatening a return to recession. Participants will consider the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 on the retail sector and real estate, prospects for resolution of supply chain and labor market dislocations, the recent upturn in inflation, and ongoing changes in Federal Reserve policy changes.

B - 2022 Accounting and Auditing Update for Community Financial Institutions Credits: 1.5 AO

Hillary Collier, CPA
Carr, Riggs, & Ingram, LLC , Atlanta, GA

Doug Mims, CPA
Partner / Carr, Riggs, & Ingram, LLC , Atlanta, GA

Receive a high-level overview of the most relevant accounting and auditing standards impacting community financial institutions and recent tax developments.

C - Volatility is Everywhere: What Items Are Being Affected and What Actions are Being Taken Credits: 1.5 AO

Kamal Hosein, CFA
Stifel , Birmingham, AL

The volatility in rates, valuations, and cash levels has brought forecasting uncertainty, pricing challenges, and some paralysis. Discuss how balance sheets evolve in this environment and what strategies are employed.

D - Legal Issues in Banking Mergers in 2022 Credits: 1.0 BL

Robert Klingler
Nelson Mullins , Atlanta, GA

Review, from a lawyer's perspective, the life of a bank merger, providing context for the overall transaction and potential areas of concern. Cover branch transactions, credit union purchases, and proposed application process change.

E - ESG as a Risk Management Imperative Credits: 1.0 AO

Reginald T. O'Shields
Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta , Atlanta, GA

Discuss background information on ESG, Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility; current industry and regulatory developments, including voluntary and mandatory disclosure frameworks; and best practices in building an ESG program.

F - Debunking CECL Myths Credits: 1.0 AO

Shannon R. Morrison, MBA
Valuant , Columbia, SC

Manuel Aya, CFA
Valuant , Columbia, SC

Knowing the realities of CECL adoption has never been more important. Receive clarity to those responsible for CECL oversight, implementation and management by focusing on the most common myths and misconceptions related to CECL.

G - Digital Assets in Financial Investigations Credits: 1.0 AO

Daniel Burget, CAMS, CFE
BDO , Salt Lake City, UT

Cryptocurrencies and other blockchain-based digital assets present new challenges and opportunities for investigators seeking to trace assets and attempt recovery. Cryptocurrencies are easily accessible and used to conceal illicit funds' source, nature and ownership; however, blockchain technology creates new digital evidence forensic investigators can use to follow the money with new tools and methods. Receive an overview of the emerging challenges faced by financial crime investigators dealing with digital assets and unique solutions.


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