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We're taking the 2021 Southeastern Accounting Show, GSCPA's premier event, completely virtual! National speakers, high-quality education and the hottest topics delivered directly to you in the safety of your home. With three tracks of study (A&A, tax, business and industry), you have the power of choice about how your educational story will turn out.

Through our virtual platform, SEAS 2021 is open to anyone, anywhere. If you have not had the opportunity to experience SEAS, now is your chance.

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The Southeastern Accounting Show (SEAS), GSCPA's premier event, provides you with a high-quality education in multiple interest areas. Explore all of the newest standards, issues, and developments at one event, ensuring you will learn new ideas, trends and best practices.


Day 1
Implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Latest Trends in Risk Management Best Practices 
Work to a Different Beat

Nonprofit GAAP Update
GASB Update
FASB Update: Private Company Focus 
Update on Standards for Audits and Attestation Engagements  

Legislating Retirement Plan Compliance: A Hard Look at Recent Fundamental Changes to Rules and Regulations
Estate Planning
Federal Tax and Stimulus Update for CPAs 
Recent SALT Developments in the Southeastern States  

Economic and Market Outlook 2021
The Times "Might" be A-Changin: Business Law Update 
FASB Update 
Financial Institutions Update

Day 2
Remote Audits: Keys to Success and Pitfalls to Avoid (A&A) 
Leaders as Role Models – Stepping Beyond the Limitations of Management: How Leaders Can Win the Hearts and Minds of Staff and Customers

Lease Accounting: Current Issues
Peer Review Update
Financial Statements in the Current Environment
2021 Fraud Cases and Lessons Learned

How to Maximize the 2021 COVID-19 Relief Benefits  
Georgia Department of Revenue Update
Business Tax Update
It's Getting Hot in Here: Tax Controversy Update 

Microsoft Excel's Formulas and Functions  
Cybersecurity for the Accounting Business 
In and Out of Office: Workforce 2021
Business Analytics Using Microsoft Excel

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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

OPTIONAL MORNING Pre-Conference Workshop: Topic 842 - Implementing Leases: A Hands-on Workshop Credits: 4.0 AA

Melisa Galasso, CPA, CPTD
Galasso Learning Solutions LLC , Charlotte, NC

Take an in-depth look at the new leases standard, which requires organizations to recognize lease assets and liabilities on the balance sheet. Cover recognition, measurement, presentation and disclosure requirements, and focus on a critical area of change, which is proper identification of a lease using a principles-based approach. Discuss implementation requirements from both the lessee and lessor accounting models.

OPTIONAL AFTERNOON Pre-Conference Workshop: Learn from Fraudsters and How Personality Types Affect Fraud Credits: 4.0 AA

Raymond K. Cross, EA, MST, CPA
Owner / Account417, LLC. , Roswell, GA

Focus on fraud while working remotely and how it adapts to any and every situation. Frauds hidden in the good times may be concealed for months or years, but unfortunately, COVID-19 reveals the cover-up and the money stolen. Explore excerpts from the interview with ACFE Vice President of Education John D Gill, J.D., CFE and answer his big three questions. Discuss whether the fraud diamond is the new and improved fraud triangle for speaking the language of the fraudster and which Enneagram is the most and least likely to commit, deter, and detect fraud in the workplace.

Wednesday, August 25, 2021


Implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Latest Trends in Risk Management Best Practices (OPTIONAL EARLY SESSION) Credits: 1.0 AA

Ric R. Rosario, CPA, CFE, CGMA
CAMICO Mutual Insurance Co , San Mateo, CA

COVID -19 has reshaped the CPA profession in so many ways, from how CPAs do their work to the type of services they deliver. CPAs will need to be aware of the implications these changes will have on the liability environment.

Keynote Speaker: Work to a Different Beat Credits: 1.0 GN

Justin Jones-Fosu
Work. Meaningful. , Charlotte, NC

An inside-out approach powered by practical research empowers your people to bring their best selves to work every day. Using the African drum as a metaphor for bringing meaning, Justin creates a customized and unforgettable experience that will inspire your audience to take immediate action in showing up.

Nonprofit GAAP Update Credits: 1.5 AA

Melisa Galasso, CPA, CPTD
Galasso Learning Solutions LLC , Charlotte, NC

Nonprofits must adopt a mix of nonprofit-specific as well as more general accounting standards. Take a deep dive into Revenue Recognition for Grants & Contracts and its interplay with Topic 606. Review the accounting for various CARES Act funding. Learn what you need to consider to implement standards impacting nonprofit entities, including the definition of collection, goodwill amortization and accounting for contributed nonfinancial assets (GIKs) for nonprofits..

Legislating Retirement Plan Compliance: A Hard Look at Recent Fundamental Changes to Rules and Regulations Credits: 1.5 GN

Anne T. Hall, Esq. LL.M
Hall Benefits Law , Atlanta, GA

Recent federal legislation impacting retirement plans includes the SECURE Act (signed into law at the end of 2019), COVID-19 legislation and the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 (signed into law during 2020), and the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. Review the changes and new requirements incumbent upon retirement plan advisors to monitor and maintain compliant retirement plans proactively.

Economic and Market Outlook 2021 Credits: 1.5 GN

Daniel Morgan
Senior Portfolio Manager / Synovus Trust Company, N.A. , Atlanta, GA

Can the economy continue to recover as the nation heals from the pandemic? Is the stock market overextended? Is the market on the eve of another major correction? These are a few of the questions discussed. Find out how to navigate through these uncertain times. Many investors wonder what strategies they should undertake to maximize their portfolio's return - review various tactics investors could apply.

GASB Update Credits: 1.5 AA

Joel M. Black, CPA
Governmental Accounting Standards Board , Norwalk, CT

Receive a high-level overview of the GASB—what it is and why it is essential and new accounting standards for state and local governments. Focus on standards that require implementation soon, recently issued standards, and ongoing projects of the Governmental Accounting Standards Board.

Estate Planning Credits: 1.5 GN

Steven Siegel, JD, LLM
The Siegel Group , Morristown, NJ

Estate planning may be at a significant crossroads in 2021. The Biden Administration suggests a wide range of new tax laws that would limit many favorable exclusions and planning strategies that have been available for many years. Analyze what new laws have been enacted, what is proposed and how planners and practitioners should advise their clients about planning opportunities and limitations.

The Times "Might" be A-Changin: Business Law Update Credits: 1.5 AA

Brian Gardener, J.D., LL.M
Asbury Law Firm , Decatur, GA

A wide-ranging discussion covers business planning options and choice of entity with potential tax reform looming, the impact on business transactions, credit programs that business owners should be familiar with, and the issues businesses might see with a funded and focused IRS.

Lunch Break

FASB Update: Private Company Focus Credits: 2.0 AA

Michael K. Cheng, CPA
Partner / Frazier & Deeter LLC , Atlanta, GA

Explore an update on FASB topics relevant to private companies.

Federal Tax and Stimulus Update for CPAs Credits: 2.0 GN

CPAs are unprecedentedly providing a unique opportunity to elevate the trusted three-letter designation to include being revered as a valued adviser. Discuss the latest tax and stimulus updates and how you can better implement the latest information into serving the client. The issues covered will apply to individual and small business clients. Review multiple topics, including Federal tax updates, Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) forgiveness, Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) retroactive problem solving, highly missed tax credits for the self-employed, the aftermath of clients taking PPP, grants and the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL), harnessing real estate tax benefits, preventing a client's banking crisis and considerations of the projected changing tax landscape.

FASB Update: Public Focus Credits: 2.0 AA

Melisa Galasso, CPA, CPTD
Galasso Learning Solutions LLC , Charlotte, NC

Review the Accounting Standards Updates (ASUs) issued by the FASB that will be effective for December 2021 calendar year ends (and beyond). Discuss which entities are impacted and the main provisions of each standard, including key changes to recognition and measurement and any issues you may need to consider during implementation.

Update on Standards for Audits and Attestation Engagements Credits: 2.0 AA

Clayton J. Huffman, CPA
Frazier & Deeter LLC , Atlanta, GA

Michael Glynn, CPA, CGMA
AICPA , New York, NY

An interactive discussion will include the new auditor reporting suite of effective standards for calendar 2021 engagements and the new, more flexible standard for agreed-upon procedures engagements, which became effective on July 15. Also, cover new standards on audit evidence and estimates and proposed standards on risk assessment and quality management.

Recent SALT Developments in the Southeastern States Credits: 2.0 GN

Bruce P. Ely, J.D., LL.M.
Partner / Bradley , Birmingham, AL

A panel of attorneys will survey recent tax legislative, judicial and administrative developments and trends among the Southeastern states, focusing on corporate income tax and sales/use taxes, followed by a Q&A session.

Financial Institutions Update Credits: 2.0 AA

Joshua Bowen, CPA, CGMA, CAMS
Warren Averett, LLC , Montgomery, AL

Receive a 2021 update related to the financial institution industry. Dive into significant impacts to financial institutions and discuss various industry hot topics, including current expected credit losses (CECL) and other important accounting and auditing standards.

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Remote Audits: Keys to Success and Pitfalls to Avoid (OPTIONAL EARLY SESSION) Credits: 1.0 AA

Whether driven by the pandemic, staff travel limitations, or client needs, the performance of a highly effective remote audit is of greater importance. Explore audit methodologies in a remote audit environment (including areas such as planning and risk assessments, the performance of inventory observations, and other substantive procedures), pitfalls to avoid, effective client communications and how to appropriately leverage basic technologies (including Microsoft Teams and Zoom). 

Leaders as Role Models – Stepping Beyond the Limitations of Management: How Leaders Can Win the Hearts and Minds of Staff and Customers Credits: 1.0 GN

Many leaders come to their roles as a function of their expertise in a specific subject matter, but leadership requires more than job-specific skills. Leadership is a way of being. This talk de-emphasizes what we individually know and instead asks us who we are. Men and women who influence the behavior of staff can learn a mindset that shifts them from overseers of business processes to genuine leaders—seeing the big picture, articulating the direction, and embracing their team in a collaborative and committed mission.


Lease Accounting: Current Issues Credits: 1.5 AA

Jennifer Louis, CPA
Emergent Solutions Group , Charlotte, NC

FASB's newest Lease Accounting Standard significantly alters the accounting rules for leases and continues to have a huge impact on most entities' financial reporting. Discuss transition-related Q&As for entities who have yet to transition to Topic 842 and transition-related Q&As which may help you prepare to adopt. Review the proper accounting for lease modifications and lease concessions common in the current pandemic environment. 

How to Maximize the 2021 COVID-19 Relief Benefits Credits: 1.5 GN

Thomas G. Lee, CPA
Partner / Aprio , Atlanta, GA

Justin Elanjian, CPA
Staff Accountant / Aprio , Atlanta, GA

Calculations for each of the COVID-19 relief packages may be complex — but maximizing benefits doesn't have to be. Learn strategies for making the most of COVID-19 relief benefits from the Employee Retention Credit (ERC), Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and Restaurant Revitalization Fund (RRF). Discover the most important considerations to keep in mind and ensure money isn't left on the table. 

Microsoft Excel's Formulas and Functions Credits: 1.5 GN

Greg Creech
Techedutainment Services, Inc. , Pine Lake, GA

Let's put on our math hats and learn how to create formulas and functions in Excel the right way, the first time. Learn tips and tricks with tons of shortcuts for using the SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT and many other functions. Discover how to use the PMT function for calculating monthly payments based on the interest rate, length of the loan, and loan amount. Text functions in Excel are easy and productive for combining columns using CONCAT and splitting out data using the LEFT and RIGHT functions. Conclude with VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP for comparing financial worksheets and automatically updating them. 

Peer Review Update Credits: 1.5 AA

James W. Brackens Jr, CPA, CGMA
AICPA , Durham, NC

Receive information essential to all firms with A&A practices, including an update on the Enhanced Audit Quality (EAQ) initiative, an overview of changes to peer review procedures and guidance, and common issues found by peer reviewers and tips as to how to avoid them.

Georgia Department of Revenue Update Credits: 1.5 GN

John R. Foster, CPA
Georgia Department of Revenue , Atlanta, GA

Commissioner David M. Curry
Georgia Department Of Revenue , Atlanta, GA

Review updates from the Department of Labor, including legislation (LATP) and TSD and audits.

Cybersecurity for the Accounting Business Credits: 1.5 GN

Why would a criminal rob a bank when they can steal far more money from the safety and ease of sitting behind a computer screen? Beyond the money, the sensitive personal information of both employees and clients is just as attractive to cyber thieves. Because those who work in accounting deal with all of the above, cybercriminals specifically target the industry. Through examples of actual FBI cases, John will reveal the most common ways your business is vulnerable to a cyberattack, the threats inherent with remote technologies, and how you can protect yourself from becoming the next victim.

Lunch Break

Financial Statements in the Current Environment Credits: 2.0 AA

Jennifer Louis, CPA
Emergent Solutions Group , Charlotte, NC

Financial reporting objectives include providing helpful information to financial statement users for making economic decisions. Financial statements' preparation and fair presentation can be complicated by any uncertainty in an entity's operating environment, impacted by such factors as changes in economic, political, regulatory, standard-setting, or other factors. Explore frequently asked questions about preparing financial statements in the current operating environment, including relevant and transparent disclosures. 

Business Tax Update Credits: 2.0 GN

J P. Garverick, CPA, MT, CFP
The Garvs, LLC THE Tax U , Goodyear, AZ

Review various newly enacted Federal business income tax provisions, regulations and IRS guidance. Topics are to be determined depending on the most recent developments incurred up to date of the conference. 

In and Out of Office: Workforce 2021 Credits: 2.0 GN

Karl Ahlrichs, SPHR
Business Learning Institute , Towson, MD

What will the future of work look like for the average office worker? In today's post-COVID-19 environment, a remote or partially remote workforce is part of organizational reality. Cover the topic from both the viewpoint of the human resources and the operational side of the desk. Analyze which positions are suited for telecommuting or remote work. Identify elements to consider that enable the parties to continue working well in the remote arrangement. Recognize various tools and solutions that help manage the remote work while amplifying engagement and performance. Review pitfalls and challenges to managing remote work and identify ways to avoid or mitigate those issues. 

2021 Fraud Cases and Lessons Learned Credits: 2.0 AA

John J. Hall, CPA
Hall Consulting Inc. , Denver, CO

Is business wrongdoing, misconduct, theft and fraud going away? Not likely. Most anti-fraud professionals believe fraud is continuing its long, steady rise in business. Use fraud cases to look at what's going on right now in 2021. Most importantly, identify the five actions you, your organizations and the clients you serve need to take in 2021 as we emerge from COVID-19 and face the new normal of fraud exposures and risks.

It's Getting Hot in Here: Tax Controversy Update Credits: 2.0 GN

Anson Asbury, J.D., LL.M.
Asbury Law Firm , Decatur, GA

With increased funding, the IRS has hired more revenue agents, revenue officers and criminal investigators and ramped up enforcement efforts. Review the latest in the IRS's enforcement campaigns focused on syndicated conservation easements, captive insurance companies, high net worth individuals, serial non-filers and underpaid employment taxes. 

Business Analytics Using Microsoft Excel Credits: 2.0 GN

Greg Creech
Techedutainment Services, Inc. , Pine Lake, GA

Excel has easy and powerful analytical tools for the CPA and financial professional with Scenario Manager, PivotTables, SubTotals and Charts. With Scenario Manager, you can play what-if games with financial data for forecasts and financial planning. Summarize financial data using attractive and powerful PivotTable reports and learn subtotals and grand totals within a data table. Finally, create and edit various types of charts in Excel to graphically represent our information. 

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