LIVE STREAM: 2021 Not-For-Profit Conference (LS13032)

Tuesday, May 18, 2021 / Live Stream, GA

Mastering the latest regulatory and governmental changes is essential for not-for-profit organizations. Receive updates from experts in the field to learn how your organization can operate efficiently and effectively, making the most of limited resources. Discussion with local and national leaders at the 2021 Virtual Not-for-Profit Conference will include the 2021 Uniform Guidance Update, Common COVID-19 Accounting Challenges and Practical Solutions and Unrelated Business Income (UBI).


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CPE: 8.0 credits

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Explore how to optimize your core strategies and refine your planning so that the organization you serve can navigate with confidence.

> Inspiring Case Studies in Not-for-Profit Resiliency
> 2021 Uniform Guidance Update (A&A)
> Accounting for Complex NFP Transactions (A&A)
> FASB Update for Non-Profits (A&A)
> COVID-19 Accounting Challenges and Practical Solutions 
> Data Analytics for Non-Profits (A&A)
> Unrelated Business Income (UBI) 
> Cybersecurity in the New Normal (A&A)


This conference is a paperless conference and all materials will be available electronically as PDFs. Materials will be available for download in advance and participants will receive an email when they are available. For more information about eMaterials, visit

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

A - Inspiring Case Studies in Not-for-Profit Resiliency Credits: 1.0 GN

Melisa Galasso, CPA, CPTD
Galasso Learning Solutions LLC , Charlotte, NC

Jennifer Pocalyko Latz

Since March 2020, the global pandemic has impacted every aspect of society, including the not-for-profit sector.  Not-for-profits have been challenged to cope with the pandemic while caring for the community amidst a surge in demand. Explore stories of the incredible strength and  
the resiliency of not-for-profits that have not only operated through the pandemic but have found ways to pivot and thrive. 

B1 - 2021 Uniform Guidance Update (A&A) Credits: 1.5 AA

Kimberly A. Bland, CPA
Smith & Howard, PC , Atlanta, GA

Daniel W. Sage, CPA
Assurance Manager / Smith & Howard, PC , Atlanta, GA

Receive the information needed to properly perform and document a Single Audit in our current climate. Focus on considerations that will impact recent audits, including the 2020/21 Compliance Supplement as well as the 2020 Addendum. Also, address the changes to the Uniform Guidance issued in 2020 and the GREAT Act.

9:05 am-10:20am
B2 - I Miss T-Accounts: Accounting for Complex NFP Transactions (A&A) Credits: 1.5 AA

Recording special events, naming opportunities, contributed services, and functional expense allocation, including joint cost, are common areas of confusion and error for non-profits. Review the proper accounting treatment for complex transactions, along with multiple examples and financial statement disclosures.

C - FASB Update for Non-Profits (A&A) Credits: 2.0 AA

Jeff Mechanick
Assistant Director / Financial Accounting Standards Board , Norwalk, CT

The FASB's lead staff member for NFP matters will discuss U.S. GAAP developments important for the sector. Focus on the FASB's new standard (ASU 2020-07) on reporting of gifts-in-kind (contributed nonfinancial assets), which is effective for FY 2022, and on implementation matters concerning grants and contracts (ASU 2018-08, especially regarding CARES Act and other COVID-19-related government assistance), revenue recognition (Topic 606), and leases (Topic 842).  Also, discuss additional recent ASUs and FASB projects-in-process and efforts underway by the FASB to set its future agenda, including an Invitation to comment expected to be issued in June 2021. Time will be available at the end for your questions.

D - COVID-19 Accounting Challenges and Practical Solutions Credits: 1.0 GN

Richard Cole
BKD LLP , New York, NY

Address common accounting and financial issues arising from COVID-19 – PPP loans, payroll credits and deferrals, lease concessions and modifications, donors' changing restrictions on donations, going concern analysis, internal control considerations in a virtual environment, and additional topics that could result from the pandemic.

E1 - Data Analytics for Non-Profits (A&A) Credits: 1.0 AA

Brandon M. Smith
B. Mikel Smith & Associates, LLC , Roswell, GA

Jameson A. Miller, CPA, CISA
Mauldin & Jenkins CPAs LLC , Chattanooga, TN

 Review the tools and techniques for not-for-profit organizations and the latest, greatest and new approaches.

E2 - Unrelated Business Income (UBI) – What is it, and How is it Reported on the Revised Form 990-T? Credits: 1.0 GN

Michele Melchior
Director-HealthCare & Not-for-Profit / Grant Thornton, LLP , Charlotte, NC

Explore common unrelated business income activities that non-profit organizations may engage in, either directly through their actions or through investments that they make. Also, look at the revised Form 990-T now that the final UBI SILO Regulations have been issued and discuss the impact of those changes on non-profit organizations.

F - Cybersecurity in the New Normal (A&A) Credits: 1.5 AA

Keith Wojcieszek
Kroll , Washington Dc, DC

Kevin Mekler
Mullen Coughlin LLC , Palm Harbor, FL

Cyber threats under optimal circumstances are challenging to identify and prevent, and if unchecked, can cause significant disruption and harm. In 2020, companies were thrust into operating remotely under less than optimal circumstances, without adequate time and preparation. Many companies have adopted a remote workforce model without revisiting and adjusting their cybersecurity posture. Address the current threat trends, the impact on businesses in today's environment, and how businesses can best protect themselves against the primary attack vectors.


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