LIVE STREAM: 2021 Fraud and Forensic Accounting Conference (LS13020)

Thursday, September 23, 2021 / Atlanta, GA

CPAs are responsible for detecting and preventing fraud by assessing accounting systems for weaknesses, creating and overseeing internal controls and managing the degree of organizational fraud risk. Make sure you have adequate risk protocols in place, especially during this time of rapid change. Gain the knowledge, resources and connections you need to aid in the fight against fraud.


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CPE: 8.0 credits

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> More than Malpractice: Fraud Lawsuits Against Accountants (A&A)
> Thinking Outside of the Box: Innovatively Mitigating our Biases and Enhancing our Human Judgment and Decision-Making
> Emerging Fraud Risks & Increased Opportunities For Fraud (A&A)
> Cryptocurrency - Industry and Regulatory Updates (A&A)
> Gold v Dekalb County: Capturing, Analyzing and Deploying Case-Changing Data
> Insurance Coverage for Pandemic-Related Losses


This conference is a paperless conference and all materials will be available electronically as PDFs. Materials will be available for download in advance and participants will receive an email when they are available. For more information about eMaterials, visit

Thursday, September 23, 2021


Welcome & Announcements

A - More than Malpractice: Fraud Lawsuits Against Accountants (A&A) Credits: 1.5 AA

Jennifer L. Peterson, J.D.
Bondurant, Mixson & Elmore, LLP , Atlanta, GA

Class-action lawyers are filing lawsuits against accountants who were involved with conservation easement transactions and associated tax matters. These lawsuits are for professional malpractice and fraud, and racketeering, which carry greater exposure. Learn about these lawsuits and how they are being defended.


B - Thinking Outside of the Box: Innovatively Mitigating our Biases and Enhancing Our Human Judgment and Decision-Making (A&A) Credits: 1.5 AA

Tina D. Carpenter, CPA, Ph.D.
Accounting professor / University of Georgia Terry College of Business , Athens, GA

Research validates that humans are biologically conditioned to be biased. However, biases don’t have to be bad if we pay attention to them and embrace a diversity of thought. By thinking outside of the box, we can enhance our human judgment by identifying innovative solutions to mitigate the negative impact of biases on our critical thinking and problem-solving.


C - Emerging Fraud Risks and Increased Opportunities for Fraud (A&A) Credits: 1.0 AA

Jennica Moore, CPA, PhD, MBA, CFE
CPA / Carson Madison, LLC , Mt. Airy, GA

The pandemic led to a swift shift in the way many businesses operate. Remote work became commonplace rather quickly, and new fraud opportunities have emerged due to this change. Explore these new fraud risks and discuss ways to mitigate them.


D - Cryptocurrency - Industry and Regulatory Updates (A&A) Credits: 1.5 AA

Jagruti R. Solanki, MBA, CPA, CGMA
BitPay, Inc. , Alpharetta, GA

Much has happened in the past year in the cryptocurrency landscape, not just from an industry standpoint but also from a regulatory angle. Included are the FDIC’s involvement in crypto, the Fed’s belief about a U.S. central bank digital currency helping prioritize consumer privacy and protection and SEC Chairman Gary Gensler warning that bad actors in crypto should prepare for enforcement actions. All of these developments are reasonable indications of the industry moving in the right direction for crypto. Learn what the regulatory bodies are indicating in terms of crypto regulations.


E - Gold v Dekalb County: Capturing, Analyzing and Deploying Case-Changing Data (A&A) Credits: 1.5 AA

John Salter, J.D.
Barnes Law Group, LLC , Marietta, GA

Jason Carter, J.D.
Bondurant, Mixson & Elmore, LLP , Atlanta, GA

What seemed like a straightforward case became a 10-year saga, ending in a $117.5 million class-action settlement. Two attorneys share their journey, describe legal fights and their work with accountants to gain access to, and then understand and deploy, massive amounts of data that were the key to unlocking the case.


F - Insurance Coverage for Pandemic-Related Losses (A&A) Credits: 1.0 AA

James Leonard, J.D.
Barnes & Thornburg LLP , Atlanta, GA

Business interruptions are ripe with opportunities with fraud. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought incredible challenges to our clients, many of whom have insurance coverage for business interruption/income loss as well as clean-up costs. The insurance industry has “circled the wagons” as insurers deny almost all such claims across the country. Policyholders have filed civil actions across many states seeking to enforce their rights under their insurance policies, with mixed results. Address the current state of the national coverage litigation and common terms, limitations and conditions found in most commercial insurance policies and the defenses asserted by the insurance industry.


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