LIVE STREAM: Southeastern Accounting Show- Both Days (LS13085)

Wednesday, September 2, 2020 - Thursday, September 3, 2020 / Live Stream, GA

Your virtual SEAS adventure awaits! For the first time, we're taking the Southeastern Accounting Show, GSCPA's premiere event, completely virtual! Multiple tracks, national speakers, high-quality education and the hottest topics delivered directly to you in the safety of your home.

Create your CPE adventure, making SEAS an unparalleled experience. With multiple tracks of study, you have the power of choice about how your educational story will turn out.

The 2020 Southeastern Accounting Show is designed for virtual attendance this year due to the restrictions of COVID-19. GSCPA is bringing you timely, quality content with leaders in the field through our live stream platform so you can safely attend from home.


Event Status: CLOSED – Please contact the CPE Department at 404-231-8676, Opt. 3 or 800-330-8889, Opt. 3 for additional assistance.

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CPE: 18.0 credits

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The Southeastern Accounting Show (SEAS), GSCPA's premier event, provides you with a high-quality education in multiple interest areas. Explore all of the newest standards, issues, and developments at one event, ensuring you will learn new ideas, trends and best practices. 

All materials will be available electronically as PDFs. Materials will be available for download in advance and participants will receive an email when they are available. For more information about eMaterials, visit

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Tuesday, September 1, 2020 - OPTIONAL

OPTIONAL Pre-Conference Workshop: FASB Deep Dive (A&A)

This session will cover the Accounting Standard Updates (ASUs) issued during the year by the FASB as well as those standards that will be effective in the near future. We'll cover all the standards at an executive overview level so attendees can identify which will be applicable to their organization or clients for further research. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

A- Code of Professional Conduct - What's Changing (A&A)- OPTIONAL EARLY SESSION Credits: 1.0 AA

Melisa Galasso, CPA, CPTD
Galasso Learning Solutions LLC , Charlotte, NC

This ethics course will cover recent regulatory ethics changes including an overview of the Code of Professional Conduct and the Conceptual Framework. We’ll cover exposure drafts and final interpretations issued by the Professional Ethics Executive Committee of the AICPA. We'll also review PEEC's three year strategic plan and what to expect down the  road!


B- The Trusted Advisor: The Next Stage of Evolution for Accountant Credits: 1.0 GN

Joe Woodard
Woodard Consulting , Canton, GA

Our profession is undergoing a massive disruption that is due, in part, to changes in technology and the commoditizing of traditional accounting services by international firms and/or highly systematized, low-margin franchise operations. But…this disruption also presents a powerful opportunity for accounting professionals – the opportunity to move beyond traditional, historically-focused accounting services and to embrace a forward-looking, high value advisory model with our clients. During this session, Joe Woodard, nationally reputed thought leader on the accounting industry, will challenge you to:

  1. Rethink and sharply define the vision, mission and purpose of your firm
  2. Position yourself organizationally to provide advisory services, by inserting yourself deeply and strategically into the senior leadership teams of our clients' organizations
  3. Position yourself professionally to provide advisory services by building deep, trust-infused client relationships through professional transparency and vulnerability

C1- Hedging (ASU 2017-12) (A&A) Credits: 1.5 AA

Melisa Galasso, CPA, CPTD
Galasso Learning Solutions LLC , Charlotte, NC

This course will cover the detailed changes in ASU 2017-12 and related amendments. ASU 2017-12 offers many simplifications to hedge accounting as well as new presentation requirements. We'll look at examples of how this standard will impact the financial statements of attendees and their clients.

C2- Individual Tax Update Credits: 1.5 GN

Arthur Auerbach, CPA, CGMA
owner / Arthur Auerbach CPA , Atlanta, GA

There will be considerable revision to the tax forms and filing instructions for 2020. I will detail as much as is available at the time of the presentation. Many changes were enacted in the various COVID pieces of legislation and I will discuss those, particularly the economic incentive payment and the possibilities on the 2020, particularly for the self-employed. Further, there have been several other changes to the tax rules from Court cases and other  announcements and I will cover as many of those as time permits. I will also discuss the impact on the Georgia filings as well.

C3- What Drives the U.S. Economy? Credits: 1.5 GN

Donald M. Sabbarese, Ph.D
Kennesaw State University Coles College of Business , Kennesaw, GA

The U.S. Economy’s 10-year plus record expansion far surpasses post WWII’s average expansion of 58 months. Strong job and income growth and consumer spending are important engines driving this expansion’s longevity. At the same time this expansion has created a challenge for business expansion in 2020: finding enough qualified workers remains a constraint on growth. We will analyze how these and other conditions such as global trade and growth and monetary policy will shape the economy.

D1- The Four Basic Food Groups - Satisfying Your Audit Risk Appetite (A&A) Credits: 1.5 AA

Jennifer Louis
Emergent Solutions Group , Charlotte, NC

Every significant audit area merits some level of substantive audit effort.  However, the nature, timing and extent of audit procedures should vary with assessed risk of material misstatement.  This course will provide a practical and memorable visual to help you remember the options available in designing an effective and efficient detailed audit plan commensurate with risk.

D2- Georgia Department of Revenue Update Credits: 1.5 GN

John R. Foster, CPA
Georgia Department of Revenue , Atlanta, GA

Amy S. Oneacre, CPA
Tax Policy Manager / Georgia Department of Revenue , Atlanta, GA

Staci Guest
Of Special Investigations-Fraud Updat / Georgia Department Of Revenue , Atlanta, GA

Ronald Johnson Jr.
Director /Taxpayer Services Division / Georgia Department of Revenue , Atlanta, GA

Darcy Pyle
Assistant Director, Taxpayer Services / Georgia Department of Revenue , Atlanta, GA

A legislative update from the Georgia General Assembly’s most recent legislative session as it relates to recent tax changes.

D3- Tools for Better Financial and Operational Reporting (A&A) Credits: 1.5 AA

Thomas G. Stephens Jr, CPA, CITP, CGM
K2 Enterprises , Hammond, LA

Financial and operational reporting activities still involve far too many manual processes, often built around the idea of exporting data from one application and importing into another. In many organizations, this leads to far too many inefficiencies and inaccuracies. The good news is that it doesn’t need to be this way because in today’s market, there are many solutions that can help you generate and distribute your reports much more effectively. In this session, you will learn about these solutions and the process for getting started with improved reporting.

E1- Yellowbook Update (A&A) Credits: 2.0 AA

Lynda Dennis
University of Central Florida (UCF) , Orlando, FL

This session will provide an overview of the 2018 Government Auditing Standards (Yellow Book) and focus on the changes having the most likely impact on CPAs performing audits under these standards.  Particular attention will be given to the changes in the independence and competence standards as well as the impact of providing nonaudit services on independence.

E2- Wayfair and Sales Tax Compliance - Addressing the Impact of Sales and Use Taxes to Businesses Credits: 2.0 GN

Timothy R. Howe, CPA
Senior manager / Smith & Howard, PC , Atlanta, GA

The objective of the call is to provide team members the ability to discuss and identify opportunities for upcoming audit defense, nexus reviews, compliance assistance and strategic planning in the post-Wayfair age.

E3- Digital Transformation, Driving Performance, and Dealing with Disruption: Essential Skills for Today's Finance Professional Credits: 2.0 GN

Kenneth W. Witt, CPA, CGMA
AICPA , Durham, NC

In this increasingly fast-paced global business community finance professionals need to step up their game. The need for digital skills is not part of the future but a present-day reality. Organizations are implementing robotic and artificial intelligence solutions. Leading finance teams are supporting decision-making, driving value, improving performance, managing risk and improving resilience to the ever-present disruptive forces in our business environment. This session will explore the technologies and other forces impacting businesses, the new competencies that finance professionals need in order to add value in their organization and how CGMA tools can help you get the job done.

F1- GASB Update (A&A) Credits: 2.0 AA

Overview of soon to be effective and recent pronouncements of the GASB as well as an update on projects the GASB is currently working on.

F2- How to Protect Your Clients (and Yourself) in Uncertain Times Credits: 2.0 GN

Howard Neiswender, J.D., LL.M., CFP
Sirote & Permutt, PC , Birmingham, AL

This Session will focus on three major areas:  (1) Business Protection Planning; (2)  Family Protection Planning and (3) Trust Protection Planning. Using the integration of various estate planning strategies with investments, businesses and other assets, the Session will explore ways to maximize the preservation of families and their wealth during uncertain times.

F3- Workforce 2021- Managing for Productivity in a Post-COVID Accounting World Credits: 2.0 GN

In today’s digitally connected environment, many Accounting and Finance firms operate with a remote or partially remote workforce. This virtual facilitated discussion will share practical tools to help attendees effectively manage a team of mixed face to face and remote employees.  

In this session, we will review:
1. The new HR playing field, and using technology to bridge the gap
2. Hiring and engaging in a new staffing model
3. Performance Management for face to face and remote work
4. Motivating at a distance, maintaining high Customer Experience levels

Each segment will reflect the significant changes in the world of accounting, and examine the unique opportunities and challenges that come with the modern COVID work environment.   We will share tactics and explore strategies to enhance an organization to achieve sustainability in the “New Abnormal” world.

Thursday, September 3, 2020

G- The Honest Truth About Fraud: A Former FBI Agent Tells All (A&A)- OPTIONAL EARLY SESSION Credits: 1.0 AA

Victor E. Hartman, CPA
The Hartman Firm, LLC , Atlanta, GA

The presentation covers the fraud life cycle: (1) Prevention, (2) Detection, (3) Investigation (4) Mitigation, and (5) Remediation. The information is relayed in a holistic approach for CPAs dealing with fraud. The presenter is a former FBI agent, and he provides real life case examples throughout the presentation.

H- Revisiting Foundational Leadership Credits: 1.0 GN

Perry Tomlinson
Executive in Residence ,

Are you looking for ways to focus on and improve the culture of your organization? Do you know the primary drivers of an ethical culture?  Would you like to explore ways to improve your culture? Is your leadership team using organizational values to drive a common purpose and common bond with your associates? Answer these questions by understanding the connection between an organization's values and ethical culture, the benefits, and the importance of an ethical culture in reducing organizational risks and important drivers of an ethical culture. Also, recognize what causes people to make unethical decisions, how to remediate your culture, the importance of an organization's values in leadership and how to communicate your organization's values effectively.

I1- Peer Review Update (A&A) Credits: 1.5 AA

Jessica L. Mytrohovich, CPA
The Georgia Society of CPAs , Atlanta, GA

High level overview of the peer review process.  Discussion will include PRIMA, common deficiencies, checklist used by reviewers, and other tips and tricks

I2- Business Tax Update Credits: 1.5 GN

Arthur Auerbach, CPA, CGMA
owner / Arthur Auerbach CPA , Atlanta, GA

Discussion will begin with the COVID pieces of legislation and the use of the NOL carryback expanded rules and the impact on such things as the Section 199A rules, the deduction for items related to tax forgiveness of PPP loans. The impact of the ethics rules on the ability to issue financial statements concerning conflict of interest, independence an other related items. The use of the depreciation write-off rules and how to try and maximize the effect on Federal filings. I will also discuss the impact on Georgia filings as well.

I3- Business Law Update Credits: 1.5 GN

Gilbert L. Carey Jr., CPA, JD
Counsel / Asbury Law Firm , Decatur, GA

COVID-19’s affect on business operations will have legal repercussions that will continue for months and even years to come. This session will focus on some of those issues, including contractual obligations and non-performance due to “acts of God”, supply chain disruptions, and new government restrictions; risks arising from the employer-employee relationship; financial statement contingencies; and compliance with the Paycheck Protection Program and Economic Injury Disaster Loan programs.

J1- An Update on Engagements Performed Under the SSARS (A&A) Credits: 1.5 AA

Michael L. Brand, CPA, CGMA
Barfield, Murphy, Shank & Smith, PC , Birmingham, AL

This session will update the audience on all things SSARS including preparation, compilation and review engagements.  While there have not been significant changes since the clarity project of SSARS 21, these engagements still pose questions and challenges to firms.  From performance and documentation challenges to peer review findings, this session will take a look at the more challenging areas of the SSARS

J2- Insecure in Your Knowledge of CARES? Care About SECURE? Credits: 1.5 GN

Anne T. Hall, Esq. LL.M
Hall Benefits Law , Atlanta, GA

Two of the most significant pieces of legislation in recent history passed within the last year, and each has significance to employers and their service providers. ERISA attorney Anne Tyler Hall shares her perspective on the SECURE Act and the CARES Act, emphasizing immediate action items and future deadlines, with a focus on proactive compliance.

J3- Next Generation Excel Reporting (A&A) Credits: 1.5 AA

New and improved features in Excel tools such as Power Query and Power Pivot means that yesterday's techniques for generating reports in Excel are obsolete. Best practices for next-generation reporting include building queries and transformations using Power Query, adding user-defined calculations with Data Analysis Expressions, managing data models in Power Pivot, reducing dependency on formulas with PivotTables, and adding visualizations where appropriate. Learn the best practices for preparing and automating your Excel-based reports.

K1- 2020 Accounting Update for the Real World (A&A) Credits: 2.0 AA

James D. Martin, CPA, CGMA, MAcc
Owner / Martin & Co, CPA, PC , Atlanta, GA

Cover the significant provisions of the most recent pronouncements and proposed pronouncements from the FASB, the Private Company Council and the Accounting and Review Services Committee.  Discuss the standards that have the broadest application to the local practitioner, as well as a section structured toward unique accounting and reporting issues related to the COVID-19. As always, the floor is also open to discuss whatever current accounting oriented topics the class participants may want to cover. 

K2- Game Planning for Qualified Business Income Credits: 2.0 GN

Roger A. Roemmich, CPA, PhD
Roka Education , Roswell, GA

Qualified business income (QBI) (as defined by Code Section 199A) provides key deductions for business owners. Self-employed individuals and small business owners need a 'game plan' to effectively utilize QBI deductions. Review keyways to plan for higher QBI deductions.

K3- Small Business Retirement Plans: What Practitioners Need to Know Credits: 2.0 GN

Explore the creative use of retirement plans and their impact on internal and external stakeholders of small businesses. Identify different types of retirement plans for small businesses and small business owners. Understand how small business owners make retirement plan decisions and non-traditional ways to use retirement plans. Discuss combining tax benefits and long term financial planning to create amazing plans for small businesses and their owners. Review what happens after retirement, separation from service, or a business transition and how CPAs can build a personal financial planning practice focused on small business retirement plans.

L1- 2020 Auditing Update for the Real World (A&A) Credits: 2.0 AA

James D. Martin, CPA, CGMA, MAcc
Owner / Martin & Co, CPA, PC , Atlanta, GA

Cover the significant provisions of the most recent pronouncements and proposed pronouncements from the Auditing Standards Board and the AICPA, primarily the new audit reporting standards and SSAE 19 (new Agreed-Upon Procedures standard).  As always, the floor is also open to discuss whatever current auditing topics the class participants may want to cover.  A complete, thorough and fast-moving review of all things SAS and SSAE.

L2- Bankruptcy: The COVID-19 Recession: Are You Ready to Examine Your Client's Options? Credits: 2.0 GN

Bob Pope
White & Reasor, PLC , Nashville, TN

A client's filing bankruptcy falls outside the CPA's range of undertakings. Assessing a client's financial ill-health and evaluating action items as money gets tight does not. Review the bankruptcy process, general alternatives and focus on what you can do to assist your client in assessing all of these options, both in bankruptcy and outside of bankruptcy. Discussion includes the identification of some traps that financial advisers might encounter in a client's bankruptcy case. Work through an overview of the new Small Business Chapter 11, what it is, and what it is not, along with potential ramifications from COVID-19.

L3- Inside the Mind of a Fraudster (A&A) Credits: 2.0 AA

Raymond K. Cross, EA, MST, CPA
Owner / Account417, LLC. , Roswell, GA

Get into the heart and mind of a fraudster and receive an introduction to the epidemic of fraud. Discuss the techniques of who commits fraud, types of fraud, the fraud triangle, detection vs. deterrence, common scams, and red flags. You will then use these techniques and insights to solve an actual fraud case. The audience becomes suspects, and the culprit has stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars. In this fast-paced session, you will solve this real fraud case.



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