How is Your Firm Comparing in the Quickly Evolving World of Public Accounting?

Participate in the 2023 AICPA PCPS/ National Management of an Accounting Practice Survey for insights.

The business world is shifting, and the accounting profession is not immune, so we need to adapt and change as well. There are challenges that accompany change but there are also plenty of exciting opportunities to take advantage of and highlight

As we enter a ‘new normalcy’ it’s the perfect time to lift your head, look around and understand how your firm performed compared to others, what worked and what could have worked better.

2023 AICPA PCPS/ National Management of an Accounting Practice (MAP) Survey lets you benchmark your firm’s operations with those similar in size and region and with the top performing ones as well. This is the CPA profession’s largest benchmarking tool and our society is pleased to be a supporting member of this popular survey once again this year. 

The survey is easy and fast to participate in and complete. At the same time, it will give you a better understanding of the new workplace that’s emerging from the shadows of the pandemic.

The 2023 National MAP Survey brings you: 

  • Free personalized report with today’s most important KPIs 
  • Clear picture of how your firm aligns with similar sized practices, both regionally and nationally
  • Practical insights into building a more profitable practice
  • PCPS Members receive additional benefits, including all access to the survey platform for real time comparisons, downloadable trends reports, PowerPoint reports and customizable reports by specified filters when results are available

Participation is free and open to all firms, and will take you just about the same time as your coffee break. All information you provide is strictly confidential. 

The survey is open through June 30. But why wait? Take the survey today and begin to gain benchmarking power.

Take the survey now.