Member Monday Spotlight: Jake Jones

Meet this week's #MemberMonday, Jake Jones!

Jake grew up in Tifton, GA and he attended ABAC before transferring to UGA as a Junior, where he completed his undergrad and MAcc.

Jake enjoys scuba diving, sporting clays, hunting, and watching UGA football. Recently he and his wife welcomed their first child, a little girl, Raelyn, who is almost a year old. She just started crawling so it takes up a lot of their time keeping up with her. They love to go on walks at different spots around Atlanta, with Piedmont Park being a favorite. Raelyn was also a big fan of the pool in their neighborhood this summer. Last year before she was born, Jake took flying lessons. He was able to solo (fly by himself) as a student pilot but decided to hang up his wings when his daughter was born. It was very exciting, and he hopes to pick it up again later in life.

Jake also gives his time volunteering and is a part of CFO Leadership Council, GSCPA Young Professionals Advisory Council, GSCPA Leadership Council and is an AICPA Member.

He found his way to the CPA profession through growing up with his Dad who was also a CPA. He was always interested in what he did and after taking an accounting class in high school, he knew it was something he could see himself doing. They now have three CPAs in his family; Jake, his Dad, and one of his sisters. The CPA credential brings him a great amount of pride because of the hard work it exemplifies. 

When he was asked what advice he would give to someone about to complete the Exam, he stated, "The CPA exam creates a great base of knowledge to build on but you don’t truly start learning until you get into your first job. While some of the tasks you may have to do initially are repetitive, do them to the best of your ability and continue to grow and learn. Having a good attitude and seeking to understand why you are completing tasks can really help you grow in your career. "

The Member Monday series will highlight a different GSCPA member every other week. GSCPA is excited to introduce you to your fellow members and let you get to know a little more about them. Stayed tuned for the next Member Spotlight!