Member Monday: Heather Brady


Meet Heather Brady for this week’s #membermonday. Heather is a graduate of Western Carolina University with her undergraduate degree in December 2019 and then completed her Masters of Accounting at Kennesaw State University in May of 2021.

After graduation she got a job at FORVIS as an Audit Associate. During the spring semester of her sophomore year, her advisor encouraged her to apply for the Leadership Conference at DHG, now FORVIS, to learn about potential career paths in public accounting. The process consisted of an application and then an interview conducted on campus. After the conference, she was offered an internship opportunity for the following summer. To continue learning about the field of finance and accounting, she also worked at a local accounting business while attending Western Carolina University.

She had two internships, one during Summer 2019 and the other in Spring 2020. During her internships, she had the opportunity to work across teams and service lines in both audit and tax. She found that she truly preferred auditing, specifically the auditing work she got to do in public accounting because she could understand many sections of a business and learn how and why they operate in the manner they do. She also enjoyed that she could touch many industries and understand their differences.

When asked what advice she would pass along to current students based on her experiences, she said “Apply for every opportunity you can. You never know what doors you can open simply by saying yes. Pursue each opportunity with positivity and passion. When working with a team, maintain a positive attitude and always look for "takeaways" even in simple jobs; it can make a significant impact.”

We are so excited to see what Heather does for the profession, and congrats on your recent graduation!

The Member Monday series will highlight a different GSCPA member each week. GSCPA is excited to introduce you to your fellow members and let you get to know a little more about them. Stayed tuned for the next Member Spotlight!