2024 Southeastern Accounting Show

With multiple tracks of expert content and round table discussions, you’ll gain exclusive insights, develop valuable skills and walk away with distinct guidance to grow at your own pace.

The Southeastern Accounting Show (SEAS) is GSCPA's premier event, providing a high-quality education in multiple interest areas. At one event, you can explore all of the newest standards, issues and questions.

In addition, network with your peers throughout the day to strengthen your connections and create new ones, which will help you make informed career decisions.


Day One - Wednesday, 8/21

Optional Morning Session
Uncovering Deception: A Primer on Internal Investigations of Fraud

AI Unveiled: Navigating Disruptions and Discovering Opportunities in the Accounting Profession 

Governmental and Nonprofit A&A Update
Auditing and Investigating Digital Assets
Deep Dive Into Quality Management
Fraud and Forensics Matrix

IRS Tax Enforcement: New Commissioner, New Budget, New Priorities
2024 Department of Revenue Update
Tax Talk with Art and Anson
Social Security Benefits and Practical Application 2024

Top Three Disrupters Facing CPAs
Solve, Evolve and Entertain (SEE)
Reinventing the Finance Role in a Digital World
Business Law Update

The Direct Link Between Data Governance and Value Creation
WISP: What You Need to Know to Develop a Written Information Security Plan
Guardians of Transparency: Decrypting the SEC Cybersecurity Final Rule for CPAs
Building a Technology-Forward Accounting Firm

Mastering Client Services (CAS): Strategies for Firm Empowerment
Cryptocurrency 15 Years Later: A Market Update
ChatGPT Deep Dive
Win from Within: Five Mindset Changes That Help Build Resilient and Incredible Teams

Day Two - Thursday, August 22

Optional Morning Session
Active Ethics: How Doing the Right Thing Helps Everyone 

2024 ACFE Report on Current Fraud Trends
Effective Use of Technology in a Financial Statement Audit
2024 Accounting and Auditing Update for the Real World
Performing Agreed-Upon Procedures Engagement Under SSAE 19
Roundtable Discussion: Accounting & Auditing Strategies and Best Practices

Business Federal Tax Update
Expanded Worker Classification (Independent Contractor) Rules: Their Impact On Benefit Plans
Individual Federal Tax Update
GenAI's Role in Transforming the Tax Function
Roundtable Discussion: Tax Strategies and Best Practices

Debts Markets Update
The Role of ERM in Accounting and Finance
Navigating Vendor and Supply Chain Risks: Insights from Cybersecurity Experts, Auditors, and Advisors
Economic Insights: Navigating the Global Financial Landscape
Roundtable Discussion: Navigating Corporate Finance Best Practices and Challenges

Counting the Cost: Navigating Cyber Threats in Accounting Firms
Tech Talk With Calvin Wong
Data Analysis In Excel
Microsoft Copilot: Navigating the Future of Productivity
Roundtable Discussion: Navigating Corporate Finance Best Practices and Challenges

Audit Insights: Strategies for Successful Audit Preparation
Propel your Firm Forward With An Effective Outsourcing Strategy
Delegation, Feedback, and Accountability: A Primer on Core Leadership Skills 
Examining the Multigenerational Workforce: What Workers Want and What it Means For Employers
Roundtable Discussion: Shaping the Future Pipeline for the Accounting Profession