8.0 Credits

Through an interactive case study environment, receive the necessary tools to go beyond theory and create value-added services for your clients. Examine, evaluate, and perform case studies enhancing your working knowledge of fundamental not-for-profit accounting and reporting. Discuss presentation requirements, note disclosures unique to not-for-profits, and options allowed under GAAP, as well as FASB's new financial statement standard updates.


  • Identify major components of accounting and reporting in not-for-profit organizations. 
  • Recognize appropriate accounting for recording and recognizing contributions. 
  • Identify concepts related to valuation of contributed services and promises received near year-end. 
  • Determine the appropriate accounting for membership dues under various scenarios.

Major Topics

  • Financial statement presentation, including FASB's new financial reporting standard 
  • Statement of activities 
  • Statement of financial position and statement of cash flow 
  • Note disclosures 
  • Contribution concepts  Functional expense and allocation of costs 
  • Endowments 
  • Operating versus non-operating 
  • Split interest agreements and beneficial trusts 
  • Membership dues 
  • Agency transactions 
  • Programmatic investments 
  • Common financial statement mistakes


Experience in the not-for-profit environment

Advanced Preparation



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Thursday, July 19, 2018

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