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16.0 Credits

This, the fourth of five comprehensive Audit Staff Essentials courses, focuses on the more advanced areas of the audit for new senior/in-charge staff and to provide guidance, examples and exercises to build the skills to successfully obtain the audit evidence necessary in these areas. In addition to the technical knowledge necessary, this course provides an overview of the common responsibilities of new senior/in-charge staff, including a deeper discussion of the audit process, highlighted by discussions on materiality, review of risk assessment, understanding the entity, opening balances, group audit considerations, and review of interim financial information. In addition, the course will look more closely at the risk assessment process. This course will provide discussion, examples and exercises that focus on the increasingly advanced topics that /senior/in-charge staff members will commonly be tasked with, including contingencies, revenue recognition, investments, intangible assets and financial reporting topics.


2-3 years of audit experience

Advanced Preparation



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Monday, December 11, 2017

General Sessions